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Readers Respond: What Goals Are You Planning to Accomplish?

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Setting goals is an integral component of career and life success. You don't always need to write down the goals you set, although goal setting gurus say you should for best success. But, set firm goals in your mind so you always know where you are going and what you plan to achieve. Set goals for the sheer joy of accomplishment. I have always set goals and believe they have been a cornerstone for all my accomplishments. Do you set goals? And, if you do, even if the goals are only in your mind or heart, please share a goal you are currently working to accomplish. See More Reader Responses. Share Your Goals

Want to help

I want to be a great Mentor and improve the life of people.
—Guest Deepti

Goal Setting

To climb the corporate ladder. I would love to become the CEO of the Kroger company. I know that it seems unrealistic but I truly believe it can be done.
—Guest MBA Grad

Reinvent at mid-life person #2

I can identify with G. Hen as in August, both of my knees were replaced (at the same time!) I had to do it that way and couldn't keep my job -- not enough work hours to protect me by law. Now, just before New Year's, my knees finally bend fairly freely! I almost bounce when I walk. A far cry from a month ago, when I walked like a marionette. After a lot of HARD, HARD work with physical therapists and on my own, I finally made it! I didn't think I could do it. I walk almost normally, climb stairs (going down is harder, but WILL improve). I just started 2 volunteer jobs with seniors and may soon be able to seek a paid job again! It's been a long, hard road with a lot of extreme pain most of the time. I had to have an extra surgery to open up my keloid scars so that my knees would bend. The pain means I can still improve before my knees "freeze." PLEASE WISH ME THE STRENGTH TO ENDURE EVERY DAY MY GOAL: GET A CAREER-CHANGE (SEDENTARY) JOB THAT I LIKE IN WHICH I CAN HELP PEOPLE.
—Guest Guest SJS

No Whiners Allowed

Having and keeping a positive attitude has helped me tremendously. I learned to surround myself with people who are positive and avoid the ones who have a negative attitude. Winners vs. losers. Attitude is contagious. I don't try to "fix" whiners, I weed them out and keep them out Sorry, members only. It changed my life.
—Guest Glenn

I like the way I'm doing

Wanna become a successful speech and hearing scientist at international level, should help the people who is suffering from cancer
—Guest vitheya

Very Inspriing

It is really a inspiring article for everyone, You can see a article with a different perspective on Very nice article on how to achieve goals? I have given a different approach towards it, I hope you guys like it...http://howtotackleproblems.blogspot.in/2013/08/how-to-achieve-a-goal-by-achievement-goal-theory.html
—Guest Navaniranjan

Nothing is impossible to achieve

Right from childhood have been dreaming to become a medical doctor and save the whole Africa. I want to make a footprint so God help me.
—Guest Dr bob

Not just Goal setting but also sticking

It's a great idea to build momentum as it can keep you going even when things get a bit rough. I also read a Kindle book that talks about lays out a process and shows how to stick to your goals. It was quite interesting, especially because the book is so visually laid out. The book title is - Goal Sticking: How to Go Beyond Goal Setting The link to the book is - http://www.amazon.com/Goal-Sticking-Setting-success-ebook/dp/B00BCVJ2NW Cheers, Harry
—Guest Harry


I am currently an overweight teen, looking to lose a few pounds. I know my goals, but I've never really attempted at achieving them. This guide is going to help me to have the willpower and diligence to accomplish my goal. I will not quit until I achieve it. I developed a plan, taking it little by little, until I meet the goal. The goal is small, making it seem easier, and more accomplish-able for me. As time goes on, I will increase the goal, thus increasing my progress. I can do this.. I.. can do this.
—Guest Nathan


My goal is to become a surgeon. And my vision statement-''few years to come I EBS, will be regarded as the best and greatest all over the world''. (Meet me at the top, dreamers).

Helping the less priviledged

I actually have a lot of goals to achieve but the most paramount one is taking care of the less privileged ones because I have always imagined myself in their position. Also, l want to be a great librarian as touching my career, and lastly, I want to own the biggest ART work Gallery, in my country.

Lose Weight & Musician/Singer/Songwriter

This post is so helpful, I've got everything planned out now and I think I can do it. I'm 15 and should reach my first weight goal in a week and hopefully be in a good band once I'm a college student. I also want to do better at school.
—Guest Ms.Whateverson


I want to have a good status in life.I want to do PHD in Sociology and want to live a very satisfied and comfortable life.
—Guest kaleem

Famous writer

I want to write. I'm 13 and am working on getting a book published. I have so many goals in life to accomplish but this is the one I would like to achieve 1st. I know I'm young but want to start living the life I have always dreamt of :)
—Guest :)

My goals...

To be a pilot and attain a PhD in Human Resource Management.
—Guest Innocent muchisu

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What Goals Are You Planning to Accomplish?

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