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Best Interview Questions to Ask Applicants

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Want to hire superior employees? You can learn about an applicant's skills and potential cultural fit in your organization if you ask behavior-based questions during the job interview.

Make Your Interviews Effective and Enlightening
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10 Tips for Dealing With Difficult People at Work

Want tips for dealing with difficult coworkers? They do exist at work and the better you get at dealing with them, the happier you'll be. Learn how.

How to Ask for a Pay Raise

Do you want to make more money for your job? If so, you need to know how to ask for a pay raise. Follow these steps for your best chance for a raise.

Wrongful Termination

Understand wrongful employment termination? Do you think that your firing was legal? Here's what you need to know to avoid or review wrongful termination.


Interested in employment termination? Employees land in hot water for many reasons, but, termination is a serious action that requires a documented process.

How to Create a Workplace Culture of Wellness

Want to develop a workplace culture that supports employee health and wellness? Use these three tips to embrace a culture that fosters wellness for employees.

What Does a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Do?

What does a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) do? He or she is the highest ranking executive manager in a corporation or organization. Learn more.

What Is Business Casual?

Interested in what an employer means when he or she tells you that their workplace is business casual? In this workplace: No suits. No ties. Find out more.

Written Reprimand Sample

Need a sample written reprimand? This written reprimand is provided to an employee so that they understand that coming to work late is failing to perform.

5 Ways Employers Can Support Their Sandwich Generation Employees

Want to support the needs of your employees who have responsibility for childcare and eldercare? These five tips will help your sandwich generation employees.

Sample New Employee Introduction

Want to welcome your new employee to the team? You can use this sample new employee introduction to tell your employees about their new coworker.

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