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Readers Respond: Share the components of your own life vision.

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Your personal vision statement guides your life. Your personal vision statement provides the direction necessary to guide the course of your days and the choices you make about your career. Your personal vision statement is the light shining in the darkness toward which you turn to find your way. Your personal vision statement illuminates your way. Share your life vision. See More Reader Responses. Share Your Life Vision

Living Values

I value personal growth in terms of character. Honesty, responsible freedom, accountability and improvement are my personal values. Interpersonal values include service with respect, joy, quality, and diversity. I value experiences where we can come together to create something beautiful that lasts.
—Guest WJoe


Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways - Chardonnay in one hand - chocolate in the other - body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming "WOO HOO, What a Ride!"
—Guest nate

Personal Vision

Celebrating each moment, each second, each breath with ultimate passion. Living a life of trustworthiness, loyalty, honesty and competence. To always perform at my peak. Having the perfect body through physical exercise and proper nutrition. Always in peace with my inner self through meditation, prayers and actions in line with my value system. Nourishing the mind through constantly attending seminars and a hard regiment of a reading diet. Creating and maintaining healthy relationships, with mom, dad, sister.. the whole family, friends, partners, always sharing my love. To have lived a life of significance, focusing to do the right things and always taking risks. To have inspired everyone who has come in touch with me to live a life of fulfillment using their full potential.
—Guest Janesh


Life is challenging and mysterious in equal measure, when challenges cease you stop living!This circumstantial challenges are viewed diffently by different sorts of people. I would want to see my problems as a passing cloud and learning experience. I endeavor to stand up to the difficulties and obstacles I see in achieving my goals. Never sit back and whine about my problems. I feel every fighter has a day to win.
—Guest abdi gacal mohamed

My Vision

I want to live now for myself as I am already 50, but my relations are very dear to me. I also want them to flourish, and see them all happy!
—Guest Ruby

My Life's Vision

To share love of poor children around the world with dance, and also to bring them to the right way so they will know about Jesus.
—Guest Christian the penguin

Ultimate vision in life

In the near future, all my family, clan, sisters and brothers, friends will be together in One Faith serving the Lord with Harmony, Love, Sharing with Happiness, Joy and Understanding. Have the all-out Freedom to serve and praise the Lord; Unity and Peace in hearts and spirit. Connected in one faith, point of us in life and goal, together in One business for survival without discrimination about the capability of one’s skill in service.
—Guest ella

Harrison Moose Lodge # 2633

My Vision is to help the children at Moose Hart and the seniors at Moose Haven and our local community.The problem we are having is that this economy has put a large strain on families' income. We provide a private club to people who believe in the ideas of the Moose group. We also have fun at reasonable prices for food, entertainment, drinks, happy members and helping people within the community. What we need is more members being involed in our goals. So if you or a friend wants to know more, please Email me for details and membership. Ask for Gene.
—Guest Gene Matho

My life vission

To be with Jesus and glory in his name. Helping the needy in his name. To obey my parents.
—Guest muraliw

My life vision:

Growing up with only my mother from infant to adult was very hard for me. Never did I put myself in my mother's shoes.. Always asking why my father would see my brother, never me. Wanting things that were not in our budget at all yet, she always found a way. I see how far she put herself out to give me what I was lacking. Happiness. I am truly blessed, however, now my mother's glow is dimming as she was 42 when she had me and I am now 22 years old. My life vision is returning all of the love and joy she gave to me my entire life even if it means scraping every cent, working my fingers to the bone to do so. My vision is me and my mother in California, creating new memories like she had as a child, to fill her hollow spot inside with all of the love I have to give and more.
—Guest Elizabeth

My vision is...

To breathe in pure light and exhale pure love. To live off light and life. Also, it is live a clear path to find a way back to our greater light...with out business of the mind. But more directed by love of the same spirit that connects each other. Realizing in reality we have always been together, and not separate. Compassion towards "enemies". Understanding and being able to control each one of my emotions in a situation to look towards a higher purpose. Maintaining an understood goal for the entire society. Well being of everyone. Understanding societies and waste mentalities. I don't know though. One Vision...
—Guest J. Blocker

My vision in life

"To be an icon in the field I have chosen, to be an inspiration and to be a motivator to every person who will be part of my life."
—Guest gelai21

My Vision

I want to serve the lord..... to be his true child and have a happy family.
—Guest Abrham P

My Life Vision

To inspire individuals of African American decent to not be another "Black" statistic. I aspire to be a leader in my state in the corporate world and bring representation to my kind as an Afro-Caribbean female. Being an influential and persuasive speaker, I will use my skills to bring justice in areas of injustice and falsehood permeating my legislative profession. I will stand for holiness in all that I do and live in simplicity and grace as I represent Jesus Christ in this journey called life. I will seek for areas to serve and become the hands and feet of Christ as He compels and moves in me through the power of His Holy Spirit. I will be financially blessed to be a blessing to others. I will be a wonderful future wife to a handsome and strapping God-fearing husband who the mere thought of will weaken me. I will be a loving mother to godly children. I will attain every promise God has for my life as I continue to pursue and grow deeper in Him until my very last breath.
—Guest Ronicha

Vision in life

Need to improve my life, have a good job in the future, have a happy family, and serve the god.
—Guest mai

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