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Readers Respond: Share the components of your own life vision.

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Your personal vision statement guides your life. Your personal vision statement provides the direction necessary to guide the course of your days and the choices you make about your career. Your personal vision statement is the light shining in the darkness toward which you turn to find your way. Your personal vision statement illuminates your way. Share your life vision. See More Reader Responses. Share Your Life Vision

Living My Vision

I am a true testimony of my vision. My vision includes enjoying life in general...where I work, where I socialize, and where I worship. I would like to live a life where people will know who I am by my living; My values and integrity, my trustworthiness, my reliability, and above all my self worth in life. I would like for my children to be proud of the life I've lived and would like to follow in my foot steps. I would like for my family to inherit my spiritual faith and beliefs; I would like to stay fit spiritually and physically by meditating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I would like to live a content life as a Firefighter later on advancing to Fire Investigator; I would like to be financially stable to live a comfortable and peaceful life with my family. I would like to live a life of no regrets; Above all, "I would love to live the life I love and love the life I live".
—Guest Lorenzo

To be determined

My vision is to be determined and to be loyal in anywhere. To be a engineer of my choice in God sight.
—Guest Aniebuka Collins


My personal vision is to be honest at any time and place; making all my dreams true; to be successful in my profession and have a good lifestyle; for my family to know in all things and at all times that i love and value them and never stop learning and to pass on what I learn to others.
—Guest Tilahun

A Passionate Vision

I have vision of being very successful as a writer, working from home with a good man, a physical therapist or chiropractor, to be my husband, who is a good father & gives me more babies. He has a warm loving family who accept me as family simply cuz I mothered the children; we never have financial worries or violence. One day I will have peace, I won't have to struggle every day, or fight for what I have a right to, without having to fight or argue. I will never see another fight, or cruelty, or vulgarity. Everyone will be well mannered, We have a house, my children have good friends, & we are always respectful & love each other unconditionally. We are always safe. Everything is easy for us when we pursue any of our goals. We are happy. One day, I won't worry about homelessness or poverty or where my baby is, if she's safe; one day, this will be over, and I will know peace, and I will raise my baby girl in a safe, positive, healthy environment.

Vision of love

To love God, honor my parents and the elderly. Love my wife and never take life for granted. Strive to be a better human citizen and finish everything I have started. Empower those who need encouragement, be patient and understanding to those who are different in thinking from me. Help whenever and wherever I can. Be a people's people
—Guest larry


Love is the driving force behind everything I do. I never let anybody to expect from me, whatever the consequences, I live on my own terms. I reverence existence and respect life.
—Guest Jefree

My personal vision

I want to be a excellent trainer for the managers of enterprises.
—Guest Matt


My vision in life is to be successful in my profession and a good wife someday. I'm just a student but I know with a little perseverance that I can do this :)
—Guest Nicole

My Vision

My vision is to create honesty in the environment in my company.
—Guest pardeshi

Personal Vision Statement

To be healthy, financially secure, competent and successful in my chosen career, and have my positive attitude and goals help and inspire everyone around me. To never stop learning and to pass on what I learn to others. To develop greater patience, understanding, and love for others. To experience life to the fullest through travel, the arts, learning, feeling, loving, and living. To be content at every stage but never complacent. For my family to know in all things and at all times that I love and value them.

Our Vision Statement

Create opportunity for everyone at anytime after my life time too .
—Guest Iyappan


Thank you for the great work of God you are doing, may the good Lord our God Bless you and use you more, more.
—Guest Pr Nsubuga Ronnie

Marriage & business motto

My husband is 10 years younger than I (65 and 55). We made a marriage motto, "Do good, have fun" seven years ago when we wed. Then went into business and made it our business motto, it has been good to decide things based on our values this way. Short hand between us and effective as one is shaking their head yes to the other.
—Guest Jeanne

The Hidden Diamond

My vision is my God command and is to bring out the best in others. To help others to discover the hidden Diamond they have inside of their heart. To make it shine and bring the best out of them and live a life with PASSION!
—Guest De La Vega

Personal vision

My personal vision is to be passionate and successful in lives and life... Excelling my career and enlightenment. My great personal vision is to be a master and develop myself. To create and maintain a relationship with my co-workers, friends,and all.
—Guest suso mgeni

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Share the components of your own life vision.

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