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Readers Respond: What Makes a Good Employee - Good?

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A good employee is a treasured member of your work community. I have shared the qualities, skills, and attributes that I believe make a good employee - good. What do you think makes a good employee - good? Please share your opinion about what constitutes a good employee.

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Be Your Own

Be your own, learn to do things on your own. As an employee you have to learn to solve a problem without your boss's help. That will make you a good problem-solver. Mind you, a good employee always comes up with critical decisions that will put the company in another level.
—Guest Muavha Fhulufhelo Alex

What makes a good employee - good?

Hard to find a good employee. As humans we have weaknesses, but an employee who is able to manage their time would be good, i.e. know when to crack jokes with coworkers, know when to sit down and work, someone who is punctual is good.
—Guest jen

What makes a good employee - good

Ability to get along with other employees, passionate, early bird
—Guest elsie

Good employee

I believe what is a good employee is someone who has confidence - seriouse, yet playful, has passion and caring, someone who is great at netwotking with others, stays away from gosspis. Note: even administrators gossip about their empolyees I've seen it and over heard it. Someone who is secure in who they are doesn't front or act rude, willling to help whomever whenever if they are authorized to and if not, gets the correct person. It's what you are and what you aren't - be yourself.
—Guest peanut.butter

Good employees

The article is very well documentd. Each point is specified in an orderly way. A few sugesstions - Can we add the training needs as per the pointers? It will be easy for the employees to realte.
—Guest alka

What makes a good employee?

Sometimes, being a good employee doesn’t only mean getting done what needs to be finished, it also means having a great attitude while completing your day to day tasks, and being a role model for newer employees.
—Guest Paul T

What Makes a Good Employee - Good?

If there is one thing that everyone can agree upon in the job market, it is that great employees are hard to come by. Whether you are an employee yourself and you feel like you are always pulling the weight of the other people in the office or if you are a boss who is wondering how you can actually get some people on board who can do the job, you know that great employees are at a premium. But what exactly makes an employee great? These ten top things are guides to bosses looking for greatness in a new hire and for employees trying to get noticed in the workplace and be the kind of employee who has the potential to move up in the company chain.

Good Employees

A good employee can be classified as dependable, loyal, hard-working and an asset to any team they work with. A good employee understands there is good and bad in every environment and they strive to look beyond the bad to emphasize the good.

A Good Employee

A good employee is someone who is always willing to go the extra mile. Even better, they go above and beyond cheerfully and thrive on putting in extra effort, when necessary, to do the best job possible for their team and for the company as a whole.
—Guest Alison

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What Makes a Good Employee - Good?

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