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Readers Respond: Your Favorite Interview Questions

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If you've interviewed potential employees for jobs, you have sample interview questions that shine the spotlight on your best potential employees. These are the interview questions you use again and again because they work for you. These interview questions get candidates talking and contribute to a successful job interview. Your favorite interview questions might work for others, too. What's your favorite interview question and why? See More Reader Responses.

Favorite end of the interview question

"Is there anything else I should know about before I make my hiring decision?" --- to the Legality concern above, I have always considered any response given to this question as valid content for consideration. One individual advised he was fired from the last job for drinking in his car during his lunch break. Another woman advised she moved home to live with her mother because she has fibromyalgia. I would NOT ask any question about their health, but if they offer, I consider it fair game for consideration in my decision.
—Guest Karol

Logistic supervisor

"Are you allergic to anything such as dust or anything that may be present regarding your job? Do you have any sickness that would make your job harder?" The health of the employees are important too.
—Guest abdullah iqbal


NP62, Although the responses to your questions may be interesting/telling, I fear you may be in a legal gray area. The candidate may reveal something about their hobbies/interests that is uncommon, unique, or something that would put them into a protected class. If you end up hiring someone else, you may be liable for a lawsuit. Something to consider: Always make sure your questions are job related.
—Guest SBDCP

Favorite Interview Question

If a family member called and told you there was an accident and they needed your help, how would you tell your boss?
—Guest SG10

Understanding of the Position and Plan

What would you do first/set as a month's goal in this position if we hired you?
—Guest Kris

Favorite Question

Name the characteristics of the best person you've ever worked with, and who is this person? They tell you alot about their past working relationships and the characteristics of who they got along with the best. Helps to find a cultural fit and also opens the candidate up to talk about more than what's on the resume.
—Guest Kristen

Cultural fit interview

The questions on this topic are very much informative and useful to be minded during conducting/facing an interview.Good for the employer and and the candidate as well.ThankQ.
—Guest B.P.Pereira


What motivates you the most - money, power or fame?
—Guest Anil

Favorite Interview Question

What are you passionate about? History shows if you can match part of a person's passion with their job role, they are much more likely to be effective and motivated.
—Guest Gaven

Your favorite interview questions?

At the end of an interview, I'll normally finish with this pair of questions: "Is there a question you would like me to ask you?" This gives the candidate space to demonstrate what they prepared - to show themselves in what they think is their most positive light. "What question do you think I should ask you?" This question normally taps-into their weakesses or concerns about their fit with the job position. The answers are very useful.
—Guest Wendy

Favorite Interview Question

List 10 things that you could do with a pencil. You have 15 seconds.
—Guest Tanya

Urgent Requirement

How would you response to an urgent requirement that you need more manpower, material than that you have?
—Guest Mohammed Abdulla.P.K

Favorite Interview Question

What is your biggest pet peeve? This can pin point someone's biggest triggers of stress and how they can fit into your office specifics.
—Guest Kate

How Many Interviews

How many interviews have you been on? What were those opportunties and why do you think you were, or were not a fit, or selected for it? Answers will tell you alot about the jobs that are out there. Will also get the person to describe what he didn't like about another position!
—Guest clay

Well Rounded

I have a series of 4 inter-related questions I use to determine how well rounded a candidate is. What is the title of the last book you read (and the author if they can remember)? What is the title of the last movie you watched (or all-time favorite if they can't remember the title)? What magazines do you subscribe to or read on a regular basis? What activities do you do on a regular basis for self-improvement? (Susan responds: I used to love to ask the book question, too - for years. Then, I ran into a series of candidates who answered either that they read the bible every day or that their only recent reading was books for their children such as Good Night Moon. So, now I'm rethinking my use of that question, though it certainly does tell you a lot - perhaps too much...)
—Guest NP62
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