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Readers Respond: Your Favorite Interview Questions

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If you've interviewed potential employees for jobs, you have sample interview questions that shine the spotlight on your best potential employees. These are the interview questions you use again and again because they work for you. These interview questions get candidates talking and contribute to a successful job interview. Your favorite interview questions might work for others, too. What's your favorite interview question and why? See More Reader Responses. Share Your Favorites


The best question I was ever asked, many years ago: Have you ever lied to your mother?
—Guest jonathan

3 Things of Life

Tomorrow is a big day for me.... First time I will be at the shooting end rather than at the receiving one. I had this favourite question in my mind since I was in grade 7. "If you were allowed to carry only 3 things to this interview, what would those have been?" I will always look for a combination of "a Pen" and "a Watch" as the first two choice.
—Guest OneStraightLine

Reason for Hiring

I provoke candidates by asking, "tell me why should I hire you." Then I figure out how much they know about my needs and his/her capabilities.
—Guest Ahmet Ozkaya

Odd interview question

If you could be any fruit or vegetable what would it be? And why? My response: I am flexible and willing to adjust and adapt to unanticipated situations, so I would be a tomato because they are categorized as a fruit AND vegetable and can't be necessarily confined to either fruits or vegetables...(A crazy question, provoked an equally insane answer)
—Guest Corbin

Past Experience

What three things do you love to share about your last work experience which will excite us to offer you the job?
—Guest Manojit

Human Resources

Well now that my 90 days is up and I've evalutated the employer, I'm staying!
—Guest Beverly Scott

Favorite Interview Question

If I were to call your references after our interview what are they likely to say about you?


First let me start by saying that whatever companies that have given you this lame excuse for not hiring you are not worth your time. Corporations are ultimately microcosms of the real world so it would seem to me that if you fit in the real world as a functioning member of our society then, if given the opportunity, you would fit into any corporate culture. If it would give you peace of mind in your next job searches, try to meet people who are already employed there to get an idea about what kind of people thrive there. I'm not psychic but I think you may be getting this brush off because they may feel you are over-qualified (too much experience) and that you may not be trainable to fit into their established way of doing things. Try to reassure them of your willingness to grasp all parts of the processes and protocols they have in place while incorporating your knowledge and skill sets.
—Guest XeTbiqXaccliEt

Interview question

How will you be able to manage your time with your friends and family if you happen to work during off hours?

Logistic supervisor

"Are you allergic to anything such as dust or anything that may be present regarding your job? Do you have any sickness that would make your job harder?" The health of the employees are important too.
—Guest abdullah iqbal


NP62, Although the responses to your questions may be interesting/telling, I fear you may be in a legal gray area. The candidate may reveal something about their hobbies/interests that is uncommon, unique, or something that would put them into a protected class. If you end up hiring someone else, you may be liable for a lawsuit. Something to consider: Always make sure your questions are job related.
—Guest SBDCP

Favorite Interview Question

If a family member called and told you there was an accident and they needed your help, how would you tell your boss?
—Guest SG10

Understanding of the Position and Plan

What would you do first/set as a month's goal in this position if we hired you?
—Guest Kris

Favorite Question

Name the characteristics of the best person you've ever worked with, and who is this person? They tell you alot about their past working relationships and the characteristics of who they got along with the best. Helps to find a cultural fit and also opens the candidate up to talk about more than what's on the resume.
—Guest Kristen

Cultural fit interview

The questions on this topic are very much informative and useful to be minded during conducting/facing an interview.Good for the employer and and the candidate as well.ThankQ.
—Guest B.P.Pereira

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