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Readers Respond: What Brings You Joy at Work?

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What brings you joy at work? I know what brings me joy. Perhaps we share similar joyful moments, events and circumstances in the workplace? It's easy to get so bogged down in the day-to-day busy, and the seemingly endless problems, that we forget to cherish the best moments, those moments that provide the motivation that keeps you showing up for work every day. What motivates the motivators? Share what brings you joy.

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What Brought Me Joy at Work?

When a colleague got a promotion - on his last day in the office, he said to me, it is because of your development, mentoring and constantly encouraging me to do better that I have exceeded my own expectations and have now been appointed as HOD Finance for the City of Johannesburg. I was taken by surprise - as I had very little to do with this person as we were in two different sections - he finance - me social services. But, he was aware of my chats with my staff and how I encouraged them: to always strive for excellence and do their best, and he took me seriously and applied this to his own life and situation.
—Guest roger

Trend of Growth

Growing my subordinates thrills me most - their growth eases pressure and has got a bearing on my growth as well.
—Guest Jonathan

Team Harmony

Watching my coworkers work together with joy and respect. I helped put this team together and I'm very proud to see everyone working efficiently while having fun.
—Guest Mo

Exceed Results

When I spearhead an activity and I exceed the expected results, I became happy and overjoyed.
—Guest Olive Baijuka

What brings me joy at work?

Implementing something new that I have learnt and see it work positively in my organisation.
—Guest Judith Oppong-Tawiah

Doing My Job Perfectly

When I have done my job perfectly and my boss recognises it and appreciates. That makes me very happy. If I get support, assistance in how to improve my work performance, it also makes me feel that I am very important to that position and that Management is happy for me also gives me joy at my work place.
—Guest Evalyne

The Ultimate Recipient

When the services rendered by me satisfy the ultimate recipient brings me joy, rather than a pat from my superior.
—Guest narasimham s marur


The freedom to be "myself" is the main asset of my workplace; it's important to think positively and to know that you are accepted as you are.
—Guest aurora

What Brings Me Joy in the Office

As a trainer - seeing my trainees able to use effectively the purchasing tools in the course of their work/duties/functions.
—Guest titi

What Brings Me Joy at Work?

Assisting in the growth of a new leader and watching them grow and become better than I could have ever dreamed.
—Guest Michelle
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