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Readers Respond: What do employees in your organization complain about?

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From the article: Top 10 Employee Complaints
Employees complain. Face it. If you work with people, sometimes employees complain. Ignoring employee complaints will only increase their complaining. What do employees in your company complain about? See More Reader Responses.


I worked at a pizzahut a year and two months and I'm a good worker. But what bothers me the most is that every new hire gets more hours than me and I'm not even working my scheduled hours, always being send home and the new hires stay. It's not fair. I wonder is it because I'm deaf or is it because I'm black. Plus, the boss favorites some over the others.

Salary decreased

I had work with one organisation as a promoter. Thereafter I was promoted after 3 years as a supervisor, but now they're giving me a demotion and deducting the salary as a promoter. They are giving reasons like I'm leaving far and you are married, you can't handle the pressure. Those are the reasons. My previous salary was 15k and current is 12k. I served honorably to my company. What is the solution about the same?
—Guest Aarti joshi


My transfer order has released on dated 30.01.2014, but my boss and my executive director are not releasing me. I am in deep mental pressure due to this not releaving. I am not able to make my future program.
—Guest parag

Bad Mouthing employees to other employe

My manager does not like it when employees are getting along and have friendships. She has her favorites who go around telling other employees they are not liked by her because they're so called friends. Then he reports back to management. They discuss the outcome and if it doesn't work they move to plan B. It's like they are jealous and happier to make all employees against each other. My boss is a miserable person and comes to work in a bad mood everyday. She will say bad things about one employee to another then go to that other employee and say bad things about who she just said bad things about to the other employee. She has everyone hating each other. Everything she says is not true. She is a witch. To me that is causing a hostile environment in the office. Her favorite comes in early to spend an hour in her office to discuss how to ruin friendships on and off the clock. Is this considered causing a hostile work place? Plus she lies to your face and falsifies documents.
—Guest Junie

Your employer gets upset and cuts hours

What should you do if your employer cut your hours, and instead of working 29 hours, your work 10? (Talk with the employer to understand the situation, how long it might last, etc., and then make decisions about whether you need to job search.)
—Guest Ms Vasquez


Hello, My name is Deborah I currently filed a complaint against my previous employer with the EEOC. They sent me back the certified letter giving me rights to sue which I highly anticipated. My time at the company was great in the beginning. It all changed once I got pregnant. I was the target of cruel buffoonery and discriminative actions from fellow employees and superiors. Everyday my supervisor (Supervisor) made it an effort to display her hatred towards me by hoping I will physically fall and endure a miscarriage. On many occasions I would be in the bathroom stall overhearing her say things like, "I can't wait to get rid this miserable, fat, black pregnant bitch". Obviously she hated me because I was pregnant and African-American because she didn't hide it at all. Her behavior in the office made other employees treat me with disdain as well. For instance, every morning an employee would yell, "MAKE ROOM GUYS. VERY WIDE LOAD COMING THRU". During lunch time he and others...
—Guest Deborah Moxam

Outweigh performanace

People in my company complain more about over-time and lunch breaks, and they ask for a raise when they don't do much work.This has been an issue more often. Managers have no idea what their staff are complaining about.
—Guest Kallo

Lunch Orders

Why should case managers be told what time of day they have to take a lunch break when they are in the field during the "usual" lunch hour?
—Guest respectme

Denied lunch breaks

Dear Sir, I am working in "Bird Information System" at gurgaon in magicbricks process for the last year. Our client cancelled our lunch break (half hour) and tea break (15 minutes) in case of no sales as per their asking acquirement. Our manager is also to do what they said, and denied us to go on lunch break and 15 minutes tea break and this is happening 3-4 days in a week. It is very painful for us to work continuously 9 hours. if we try to shout against it, they always warn us we can be dismissed from company. They also warn us that if we will leave company without giving notice less then 1 month they will not give our incentives, they will distribute that incentive to our TL. We are very much fed up of it. Please help us.

Boss knows it all...

Our employees say the boss thinks he knows it all, ignores advice given in good faith and thinks his employees are ripping him off.
—Guest Philip

Tricked into working for the company

I was tricked into working for this company that is very famous in my country. The interviewer and the HR manager told me that the job was a 5 and a half days a week job. However, after signing a 1 year contract, they then told me that it was a 6 days a week job. I complained to the same HR manager and she replied to me with this,' FYI, the XX centre is open 5 and a half days a week but the CC centre is open 6 days a week'. I was working at the CC centre. After I replied to her stating that she was the one who told me that I would be working 5 and a half days a week, she didn't reply to my emails. Must they resort to lying just to hire people? If they want employees, increase their wages! Another company in the same industry offers better pay and does not lie to their staffs.
—Guest yuki

Bad and Unqualified Manager

Unqualified and bad behaviour mananger; he always wants other people to do his job for him. He is only talking and shouting.
—Guest ibrahim

Unsatisfactory Wages

Things are a bit hard for now, but when things improve, I will make things better and attractive.
—Guest enoch


Actually, they enjoy working at the company as it is now; this is the group called the predecessors. They are on pre-retirement and don't want anything to change. They want to continue to milk the proverbial cow and maintain the inefficiency. The complaints emerge where the younger staff, who have fresh ideas, are dynamic and are welcoming and embracing change, are stagnated by the predecessors. It's like a battle between Hulk and Thor and no one is giving in until there is an absolute victory. The effects are demotivation, frustration, reduced creativity and work effort. The predecessors unfortunately hold the official seats of authority. But power is given and may also be taken.
—Guest Caribbean

Employee Complaints - Tanga UWASA

It's just as if there is uniqueness in what employees always complain about across the continent. I think the uniqueness results from the fact that they are workers, who share almost similar office procedures, regulations, objectives, targets etc. To the Tanga UWASA employees, pay rise is the most important thing complained of, especially when a new financial year commences. Equal treatment in related benefits becomes the second, that is whatever the organisation slates for, let's say top management staff, (eg. on house allowance), staff always tend to emphasize that the shelter need is equal among human beings regardless of position in employment. Transparency and timely feedback on all kinds of decisions made by top managerial organs is just another area sourcing employee complaints. People tend to be aroused when decisions are made without their involvement.
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