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Readers Respond: What do employees in your organization complain about?

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From the article: Top 10 Employee Complaints
Employees complain. Face it. If you work with people, sometimes employees complain. Ignoring employee complaints will only increase their complaining. What do employees in your company complain about? See More Reader Responses. Your Employee Complaints?

Not Matching My Skill Set

I am an MBA and hired by an BPO company. They gave me a people management role firstly... Now they put me in utility domain and most employees around me are simple graduates and they have some different attitude towards work...
—Guest Shakir Rasool

Hiring for a different position

My manager and HR gave me a different job than the one that I had interviewed for. On top of that, I was not paid money to move cities for the move. My boss doesn't know anything and treats me like his personal assistant
—Guest Anshul Singhal

Key holder

My manager has given me several bad reviews; most of it is untrue and really she does not like me and I think most of it is personal. What do I do.
—Guest Paula Theroux

Misled to accept job offer

I was misled to believe training accommodations were to be reimbursed when traveling to train for a new job and they were not and will not since they don't do that. Including wanting to stick total strangers who they didn't even know in shared hotel rooms.
—Guest johnny

Accounts Payable

What do you do if your human resource manager is not mentally stable for this position and has a lot of issues with other employees? She can't even get to work ontime and talks on personal phone calls 3 times a day, sometimes those phone calls are a yelling match between her and her husband, she is rude to our customers, suppliers when answering the phones sometimes.

Cutting Hours of full-time employees

Starting April 3, my employers start cutting hours to all full-time employees because of Obama's new health insurance. I always worked 35 or 36 hours a week. Now they told us that we are going to work 25 hours per week. I got so mad because it is not fair that they cut our hours. Those who always worked 35 or 40 hours, now we are working 25 hours. How is Obama's new health insurance law going to help us when our employers are cutting our hours.
—Guest Anonymus

Money short

My daughter is working for Pick&Pay Pollsmore. When cashing in, the supervisors take the cash. It gets checked without the cashiers being present and then they get told that they are so much money short and they have to accept that. I think it is unfair labour practice, how will the cashiers truly know if they are really short, by not being present.

Pay cut and unfair labour practices

I started in 2000 at Alpen foods as an operator. 2010 I was promoted to a higher position. 2012 our C.E.O retired and a new C.E.O was introduced.Our company did restructuring, and we had to take a pay cut of 48 hours to 40 hours 8 hour shift. Our union let us down because our sup stewards and union official signed a new contract with the company. But they were threatend if they don't sign we will all be with out a job if we come back from holidays in January.
—Guest rooney

Unfair termination

I've been working for a company for about 4 years, recently got transferred to a new store a year ago, got promoted to a manager, after a month, without much knowledge. Not everybody is well trained, happened to date one of the crew and store manager wouldn't transfer either one of us because we are good workers. I'm real good with my job as a grill manager, managed my food cost/waste, trained my grill team on making accurate food gold standard and translate for my kind of people. Requested a day off with two weeks in advance, but having the store manager and assistant manager slacking, I happened to be scheduled on the day that I requested off. Therefore I happened not to show up because I requested that day off to get my errands done. I felt as if my store manager took it really personally and fired me for a no show/no call and as a non-rehirable. It's not like I stole anything, but yet, I'm a non-rehirable to all the other stores. Ever since then, they failed mystery shop 3xs in a row.
—Guest Jennifer Vue

Working over 70 hours on salary

I am a single Mom who has been working for a man who is from another culture where women and parents take care of the children and he earns the money. This has spilt over into his managing style. He makes our team begin work at 7 am and end work at midnight, 6 days a week, then asks us to stay in contact with email on Sundays. My work-life balance is non-existent! I am unhappy and unmotivated but I have a daughter who relies on me to support her. I love my job but hate my boss. He tells me I need a babysitter when she is in Daycare all day and with my parents til 9 or 10 every night. When I pick her up, I still have a few hours of admin on a laptop to complete before I get 5 or 6 hours of sleep. How can I stop him? There are no laws protecting salary managers from bosses who use them as slave labor. Do it or you're fired is the theme these days. What happened to family values and doing the right thing? (I suggest that you set the limits with this boss. You are missing your child's life. You also need to be stealth job searching if he won't accept a 40-50 hours a week schedule.)
—Guest Cayce Engstrom

Truck driver

Unfair treatment, not paid on time, and then told I was terminated.

My SSN - my private rights

I feel strongly that SSNs are solely connected to my medicare/medical insurance. I believe that SSNs are for use by the hospital in case of emergencies such as car accidents, accidental victim in a drive by shooting, etc. I do not believe that a job application online goes that way at all. I believe that the excuse that background checks and IRS payments that employers must make do not require my giving the employer my SSN. I will fill out my SSN to the IRS to pay my taxes and I will provide my SSN to medicare when asked by these organizations. The employer has nothing to do with it. The W-2 and W-4 forms that the employer is required to have filled out by the new employee are not the employers property, they are the emloyee's property that assists the employer to pay me my salary, they do not belong to the employer.
—Guest Pat

Sacking employees

HCL is worst nowdays they are sacking the employees due to a new person in HR who has gotten recruited by the industry and is wasting the life of the employees by giving payroll for some years and telling to go out of the company without notice periods not acceptable, since the industry getting profit.
—Guest cyril

Not given my P.F and salary settlement

Dear sir, I was working in Pantaloon retail India ltd. for the past 2 years, 3 months. During my working period, a senior executive simply complained about me but it was false. Hearing this, my store manager issued me a warning letter and told he will remove me from work. After a month, suddenly he left the job, and while leaving, he did not give any hand over for me, simply he took his data and left. After that, more stock were coming and I doing all work keeping loaders. who don't know any in warding stock. After in warding the stock, they will arrange the stock to rack in the mean while I took leave on Sunday for emergency. For that my store manager got angry and told me to leave the job. I informed my logistic manager about this, he to the same because my manager don't know how to respect staff. By same day evening, I put my reg letter he did not accept because there where no logistic executive. So he did not accept. After this incident I was not able to work there.
—Guest kiran kumar

What spoiled employees complain about

Our employees like goodies--ice cream, lunches, snacks, sweets, etc. They think management should provide these incentives frequently. I spend hundreds of dollars a year on Christmas presents, cards, flowers, balloons, gift certificates, and it is NEVER enough. This comes out of my pocket--I am middle management, I have bills of my own to pay, too. I don't get showered with gifts from my boss, wouldn't expect to. Some employees complain about not receiving praise and compliments on a job well done. Some employees haven't done anything to deserve positive recognition. "Terrific job, Joe Blow, you only neglected half of your duties this month, instead of the usual 90%! Keep it up!"
—Guest Brome

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