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How To Fill Out Form W-4

Readers Respond: What Else Can a Green Team Do?

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A green team is motivational for employees who want to make a difference in their work environment. And, the green team may even save energy and time, keep trash out of landfills, and contribute more healthy ideas for your work environment. A green team is a great way to brainstorm and develop ideas. The associated article provided twenty ideas to get your green team members started at work. What additional green team ideas can you share. What's working in your company? See More Reader Responses.

We Formed a Green Team

Forming a green team in the workplace is very motivating to employees. We've been at it for a few years now - check us out at www.blrgreenteam.com. (Susan says: very nice site. Worth a look. Friday, August 6, I'm featuring a new free download from the EPA on the HR Blog. It gives HR people a free toolkit with ideas for green teams and energy conservation for employees. Everything needed for a brown bag or a green team. Take a look.)
—Guest Amanda

Boycott SHRM 2010 Annual Conference

The SHRM organization has forgoten who pays the majority of SHRM members to attend their conferences - corporations! They have added Al Gore as a keynote speaker. No Kidding! What a poor move. SHRM continues to show their liberal leanings and this is absolutely the final straw. Send SHRM a message expressing your outrage and boycott this year's conference before they turn into an organization like the NEA.
—Guest SHRM Member

It's great to go green

I think schools, work offices, and cities should all have green teams. I started a green team at my school. We recycle cans, bottles, and paper. Dont be afraid to help the environment. Make a green team where you live!
—Guest meg


Responding to your article on Corporate Responsibility. For those who feel corporations should be involved in the community and have a responsibility to give back to the community I highly recommend you check out working for Credit Unions. They invest both financially as well as time back into the community and focus on the underserved.
—Guest Denise

get someone to be the "green" person...

Like the person with first aid experience, you could get someone with a lot of green know-how to put a flag on their cube indicating that they can help out with green questions.
—Guest Jenn
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