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Readers Respond: Have You Been Bullied or Witnessed Bullying at Work?

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Bullying ended on the middle school playground - right? Wrong. Bullying at work is a serious problem that 54 million Americans have experienced. Have you been bullied or witnessed another employee dealing with bullying at work? What happened and how did you respond to the bullying at work? Please share your story about bullying at work. See More Reader Responses. Share Your Bullying Story

Mental 'crazy making'

How they use workers. Union workers are used to Bully and Mock after I say something, leave something in my car, walk with a certain type of cup/can, try and set up a harassing situation by my car with actors/people I have never seen before, set a pair of persons in front of my bus to remind me of the WC claim I made which is till pending to harass. Have a rider to touch my are and make suggestive comment. I told her, get off of me or I am calling the Police. You cannot go to HR or management because they will try and say you need help or go to EAP and it is not a need for help or an EAP issue it is planned organized harassment to try and drive you out. -However, this strong woman is NOT quitting and I have hired creative help to catch the group of planners. I am not quitting andl loosing my FULL retire I have work hard to attain. Support HJ-87 The Healthy Workplace Act in your state! Bullying other is planned, I believe those who Bully others should be held accountable.
—Guest Metro Driver


I was bullied at work. Forced to leave my job because of it. Lesson learned don't quit. Call EEOC and fight. Get a lawyer. Retaliation is against the law.
—Guest g

Health Center Rampant Bullyi

There is a major problem with workplace bullying at my health clinic. It's so wide-spread that an open forum for posting had 30,000 responses all about their personal story of how they were bullied at work. There is no anti-bullying policy and they will not create one from all the law suits that would ensue! We need laws against workplace bullying! Especially in Minnesota!
—Guest Bullied Girl

Have Boundaries

Wow!!! I though I have written these "Share Your Bullying Story" on Founder and Chairman. Wish more abused people will stand up with the rest on this bullying by Founder and Chairman. I have witnessed some of this abusive behavior. Thought by myself that I will only bend my knees to ONE, but for sure not to a BULLYING carnal human being with a scary low self-esteem. And I kept my promise to myself. I am even willing to testify in any Court.

Same yelling chairman

Oh dear Annemarie - I am sure I worked at the same company!! How sad to know that nothing has changed... I loved my job and got on extremely well with the staff that reported to me as well as the head office staff. BUT it was a very stressful job due to a boss who demanded my time 24/7. She would phone anytime during the day or night as well as over weekends and kept me on the phone for more than an hour at a time. She would even demand that I reply to her emails she sent over weekend or late at night. I think that she felt that we belong to her as she paid our salaries as she had said so many times. I have witnessed many times how she yelled at the managers and men would cringe from embarrassment and shame of the way she spoke to them in front of us. Yes, the staff turnover is shocking! I am sure that I would still be working at that company if it was not for the yelling and screaming and long hours. I had no choice but to resign and I have a balanced life with an amazing job and boss.
—Guest Charlotte

Yelling and Bullying by Chairman/CEO

I have been working at a SA based health and wellness family organization for 2 years. Generally I am a very healthy and happy person but during this period I was constantly sick due to abuse by the CEO/Chairman/Owner of the company. I was traumatized to the point where I did not want to live anymore and felt like a failure due to her constant abuse and yelling. My medical bills piled up, I tried to treat the symptoms but could not do anything about the cause of my illness, as this is a family business and she controls everything and everybody, even HR. She is an absolute control freak and also enjoys being dramatic and sarcastic. She yells and yells daily at the top of her voice to her staff and ridicules staff in front of each other. The moment you stand up for yourself it is like asking to be fired. She is very intimidating and would repeatedly remind us that we should be grateful that we still have jobs. This company has the highest staff turn over. Who/what can stop this abuse?
—Guest Annemarie Wait

Union Members Bully at work

You know I did believe in Unions and have worked and volunteered for Union work many times. I believe the Federal Mandated audio/video cameras which are recorded are being used to late mock and bully me. Soon after, or the next day, they are played out in a skit to mock me. I do not know if the riders who are trying to distract me so I will have a bus accident work for the County in which I drive or they are friends of union members. This could be a movie, it is so extreme. Help! I went to the Union and the Union Business agent said, "I don't think she has any evidence". What! How about look at my documentation and photos. This makes me think the Union is a part of this. I am in a safety sensitive job caring many riders and this challenges their safety and my safety. Public Safety. (I suggest that you take all of your documentation to management. If you do nothing, it will escalate.)
—Guest Bus Transit Driver


I have had to deal with a work place coworker bully for three years. She screams, curses, lies to the boss and other coworkers. The last incident, she sprayed bug spray heavily on the small office and would not let the door remain open or the ac be on to reduce the toxic fumes out. The bully knows I am sensitive to the bug spray and it makes me cough as she has sprayed the bug spray before. I think she is jealous as I am younger, have worked there much longer, shoulder more responsibility and make more money than she. This has been discussed between us with our boss, however it has not helped. What needs to be done to get this stopped? (Talk to the boss again. If nothing is resolved, talk to their boss and start a secret job search and get out of there. If no one is going to help control the bully's behavior, you need to leave. I know it's not fair. I hope you have had repeated conversations with the bully, too - every time she pulls an act like that. But, tell me why you would allow her to "not let the door remain open or the ac be on to reduce the toxic fumes out"? Did you consider opening the door, turning on the ac anyway and then, leaving the office. It seems that part of the problem here is that you are letting her get away with it. I'd demand she stop now and call her out on everything she does going forward. You are allowing her to be in charge.)
—Guest lee

In the healthcare industry

I have been with the company for many years and have been the victim of bullying twice. Each time it's by a person(s) who are on paper good at their job, but they are well known for bad mouthing/gossiping. One changed years ago and is now nice. But recently there is a small group of 3 who take my billing and lie and say they gave it back, the keys to my locked desk have come up missing, mocking me, won't get on an elevator with me. They are always up away from their desks half the day having personal conversations, and nothing gets done. One of the bullies was recently moved to our team because she was causing problems with her last team and now the same stuff is happening. One coworker transferred because of her, another has quit, I've complained and another coworker I had to talk out of quitting. Instead of moving the mean gal, they moved me (after complaining) to sit among them. I've since been called on many petty small things. It doesn't pay to let management know.

Bullying by worship leader at a church

My job was not paid, I was a volunteer member of the church worship band. As such I had the most experience and knowledge of music. I created all the lead sheets (words with chords) that we used, transposing and creating cues for the musicians. The church worship leader, who's also the pastor's wife, comes across to most as a sweet lady but if you don't agree with her then look out. She was very denigrating to me on several instances during the 2 years I served the church by playing in the band, blessing me out numerous times about "not giving notice" if I had to be away and couldn't play. All in front of the team members who were all younger than her. My husband and I also headed up the hospitality ministry and she, in a quite high-handed way, took over the entire ministry, even though her husband had appointed us to handle it. He did nothing. We are leaving that church.
—Guest guest - volunteer worker

Bullying colleagues, reluctant boss

I have been bullied on and off by a colleague at the same level as me for nearly two years. He is an incredibly sulky and intimidating man, and he knows exactly what he is doing. He even told one of my colleagues who raised it with him that he knew how he was treating me was wrong but until somebody told him to stop he wasn't going to. That's the second problem - my boss does nothing about it. After one year it took me having a complete breakdown in a 1 to 1 meeting for her to take it seriously. He apologised (via email of course) and left me alone for a little while (literally just didn't talk to me, not very productive when we're in the same team). The problem is whenever anything pees him off or something bad happens, he starts up again. I hate him - he turns the charm on for everybody else, so I spend half the time thinking I'm crazy. One evil human being + a reluctant boss = one seriously unhappy me. Plus my boss is best friends with every member of HR, so there goes that avenue.
—Guest Becky

Suspended in Retaliation

I am a current victim of workplace bullying. I did the world's biggest mistake, and tried to stand up for myself after enough became enough. The supervisor, director, administrator, HR, and the crew that i relieve are all in the same "clique". They spend the majority of their shift picking, probing and prodding anything done on my shift. Frustrated with the inability to find official errors within my work, they have now fabricated a non existing issue, which could possible lead to licensing disiplinary actions. Which makes me the matter of suspension in retaliation of the letter that i wrote. The killing thing is not less than a week after i wrote the letter, my boss held a "general" meeting where she threatened all employees' job stating, "we all better be thankful we even have jobs" and admitted in an open meeting that she was a "sneaky" person. Even if i return to work after this suspension, who wants to work in that environment?
—Guest Defamed

Nip this right in the bud

No...my spouse worked in same office...staff knew not to mess with her....scared people.... 'bleep off attitude' caught two females gossiping about me and female co-worker....scared one female so much she did not return from maternity leave...'you will disappear with your friend Without A Trace'....Gossiping stopped....People will not bother someone if they think there will be retaliation which happened to us years ago....former co-worker got on our wrong side....we have dealt with her in a very painful way for her.....life has been ruined...getting what she deserves...
—Guest steve muir

Afraid I will blow up

I started a job a week after this bully did. He appears to have prejudged me on my appearance because he never wanted to talk to me to find out what I was about. I'm thinking I must remind him of someone he doesn't like, i.e. an older person, a little nerdy and maybe slightly effeminate, OR he must be dealing with confronting homosexuality in himself. At any rate, he makes all kinds of faces behind my back, but in view of my female trainer, who sits next to his cubicle, especially when I am trying my damnedest to understand something. The trainer doesn't help any by looking up at anything that moves past her cubicle and smiling at the person. I just try to play dumb whenever this happens. One day I fear I will turn around, see what's gong on, and blow my top and say things I won't be able to take back. In addition, I never am quick-witted as others in these situations because I always seem to think of the appropriate response long after the encounter!
—Guest male being bullied

Bullied at Work

I have been bullied at work for the last two years by my boss. She was terrible- She used intimidation, retaliation, and age discrimination. I ended up retiring and in counseling. It was a very difficult year.
—Guest Guest 3

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