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Readers Respond: Top Reasons to Participate in Social Media?

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Social media participation is becoming an essential tool in networking with professional contacts, making new contacts, recruiting employees, and keeping in touch with the world. If you’re not participating in the top social media and networking sites, the world is leaving you behind. Why not become involved on the social media Web sites? What's your experience participating on social media sites? See More Reader Responses.

The good, the bad and the ugly

Social media may have the good that it has but still it is addictive and really dangerous. I am a 22 year old university student and I have realised that instead of people doing their work on the university's computers, they are on social networks... Well, I must admit the fact that social media is good for business but then it takes away the focus of the people on their work and towards itself.
—Guest sgopotso

I have to admit it's pretty comical.

The author touts the importance of social networking, yet her Facebook page indicates she likes the right wing partisan figures Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Apparently, she's unaware both are widely considered to be narcissistic, have skewed and strange views of the world, and have fans that are viewed by many to have cognition problems. In short, she reveals herself in her "likes" to be a person many professionals would shun. Classic error. Well illustrated. Good job. (Hi Ben, you don't have to like me, my likes, or my persuasions. They have nothing to do with my professionalism or the knowledge and information that I share on *this* site. You and I know different sets of people, the professionals that I admire think a lot like me, although I don't usually differentiate by views because I am here for everyone, regardless of their viewpoints. On your part, in this comment? Classic error. Well illustrated. Good job.)
—Guest Ben

Staying Fresh

One reason I like social media is that it makes my work more interesting. By signing up for Twitter feeds, following colleagues on Facebook and Times People (the NYTimes "social network"), I get to see what interests them and appreciate them more as individuals. It's a discovery process and it enlivens my day.
—Guest Susan

Social Media Experiences

My professional experience working with social media is from a marketing standpoint. I use social media on a daily basis for the company I work for to help engage customers and promote business. On a personal side, however, I use many of the same social media sites to connect to friends and family that I would otherwise not speak to on a regular basis.
—Guest Writer

Talent and Leadership Consultant

Very salient article! Your points are quite valid. Used wisely, social media can add significant inputs/outputs to professional development, networking opportunities and personal branding. From an organizational perspective, I'm fascinated by the fact that more large Fortune businesses aren't already participating in Social Media with strategies and specific roles within the organization to manage on-line presence. I wonder how much the "Organizational Maturity Curve" concept has to do with these companies not being in growth mode? Nonetheless, in my opinion, 2.0 is the next TV advertising arena, and organizations who don't participate will be missing significant opportunity. As professionals, each of us would benefit from a social media plan for our own personal growth and brand. Thank you for sharing such great information! Susan Zelinski: The Zen of Business. The Business of Zen
—Guest Susan Zelinski
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