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Readers Respond: How Did You Transition to a Career in Human Resources Management?

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One of the most frequent questions emailed to this Human Resources site asks how to make a career transition into HR. Many people who work in Human Resources Management made a career transition to enter the HR field. In the article associated with this Reader Answers form, many of your colleagues and networking associates shared their stories about how they made the career transition into HR. This is an opportunity for you to share how you made the transition into an HR career. See More Reader Responses. Share Your Story

Frustrated Engineer

I have done my MCA 2 years back. I am a consultant now but I don't like my job. I am not at all interested in technical field. I always have an interest in business. Now, after 2 years of experience, I think I need to do an MBA in finance marketing. But, I still can't see the situation for my MBA. God knows where I am going.
—Guest Abby

Career Guidance

I have done my b.tech course in information technology and now i am pursuing an MBA in HR and Marketing. I am in final semester. I want to do career in HR field. Please suggest me what to do currently to be placed in a reputed firm. Thanks. (Hi, here's how you can do HR job searching: http://humanresources.about.com/od/hrbasicsfaq/tp/careers_in_hr.htm and this also: http://humanresources.about.com/od/jobsearchsites/tp/jobs_in_hr.htm, Best wishes, Susan)

From BSC zoology to MBA HR

I've done my graduation in zoology. After class 12, I've made up my mind to do MBA HR, and since one needs to be a graduate before doing MBA, I took up zoology as it was my fave subject. Also while in college I was a cabinet and liked dealing with people. Now the question is how do I sound convincing about my transition when asked in interview for MBA college?
—Guest kanika

Bachelors in HRM

Hi I have my bachelors in HRM. I'm a recent grad. I started out in a business internship my final semester of school. After much mention of my interest in staying on & going into HR, they kept me & offered me a HRM position.
—Guest Morgan

Confusing about career choice

I am a Engineering graduate, specialized in Electronics and communication Engineering. Soon after Engineering I have done my MBA in HR. Presently working as a business development executive for an Indian based software firm. It's completely into marketing. Now I am confused whether I have done a right choice or not? I have applied for one marketing executive job in another firm. But they rejected me saying that my specialization is not marketing. Kindly guide me. (You need to decide what you really want to do and then, take the steps necessary to get coursework or experience. But first, examine where you really want to work.)
—Guest Volga

Finance to HR

I did MBA Finance, I want to make my career in HR, how can I get into that stream, please help me. (http://humanresources.about.com/od/hrbasicsfaq/tp/careers_in_hr.htm Read these transition stories for ideas and how to. Susan)
—Guest SKS

Confusing about selection of career.

It's me syed jamal studying an MBA. Time comes to decide about the subject for specialization. I have confusion about HRM and Finance. In both of these field's subjects, I am mediocre. Could you please discuss with me about a reputation of subjects that which one could be better for me and my future as well. And listen, an institute from where I am studying is not that much reputable institute. (Hi, you shared two subjects that you don't do well in. I'd pick a career goal in something that you love and are good at.)
—Guest Syed Jamal

IT to HR

HI friends. I am currently working in IT from 2 yrs. I want to change my career into HR. Please guide me and i have started doing MBA
—Guest swetha

What suppose to do

I'm doing mba with specialisation in HR. I want to go for government sectors. Do I have any chances and please give me suggestion for with HR which course I choose human rights or industrial relationships?
—Guest renu.np

Hopelessly Lost

I currently have an MA in I-O psychology with a specialization in organizational effectiveness while completing the final stages of course work for my phd. I have worked in various industries and just as many capacities and HR was always a task. I have joined and attended various HR and IO groups with little success of landing a potential career. Currently I am in a new position doing HR for a health care company in three counties and four of their facilities as a clerk. I cannot seem to catch a break but I am not giving up! I decided in my undergrad that this is where I want to be! Though I have no inspirational story, for those of you thinking about a graduate degree in HR, my advice would be skip it. Look into the PHR or SPHR Certs and for healthcare the Six Sigma. Had someone told me that I could have saved 60k and would have had that dream job. Hang in there, I will be right there with you!
—Guest Lost---

Want to change to HR

I am working in a MNC as a software engineer based on my B.Tech and now I have completed my MBA (HR) one year back and I wanted to change my career to HR. Please suggest to me what measures should I take in changing my profession and also let me know if my experience would be calculated or not. (Hi, your experience will count depending on the organization you join so that cannot be answered across the board. Here is all of my information on finding a job in HR. Click through and you will find all of the transition stories that readers have shared over the years about how they got into HR: http://humanresources.about.com/od/hrbasicsfaq/tp/human-resources-employment.htm Best wishes and good luck. Susan)
—Guest Mounica

Need advice

Hello, I am a new grad and just starting my experience in HR. I did a 2 month temp assignment as an HR Coordinator and right now working for a Temp Agency as a Job Coordinator. I would like to know if working for a temp agency would give me the experience necessary to become an HR Director in the future or if i am at least heading the right way? Please help! thank you.
—Guest Erika

Finance to HR

Kindly help me... I did my mba specialization in Finance. My results are awaiting, but now I have realized that if I would have done my specialization in HR, then it would be best for me. I am fresher. Now is it fine that if I diverted my career in to HR? Will companies consider me for HR job? Kindly give me the suggestions. (From Susan: This is my best advice. You need to find out about this where you live and attend school. I see Finance as a good contribution to an HR career, and you may be able to do both. But, I don't know what is recommended where you will be job searching. Take a look: http://humanresources.about.com/od/humanresourcesjob/f/jobs-in-hr-management.htm)
—Guest Neha

HR as Second Option in my Choice

Upon completion of BBA (major in Finance) I joined in the country largest (local) business organization as Management Trainee Executive. During probation period I worked in many functional departments, and at the time of probation evaluation, the management asked me to choose working area. I choose Finance as first option and HR as second option, and due to vacancy problem I was placed in my second option. I took it seriously though I faced some barriers and also was frustrated for sometimes. Now I am Passing 10 years of services in HR. In the meantime, I completed my MBA in HR and also obtained a HR Diploma. I am now HR Manager, which I was awarded 4 years back.
—Guest M. Jahangir Alam

Laid Off to Soul Searching to HR

My passion was in re-entry in the prison system but I was unfortunately laid off shortly after getting what I thought was my "dream job." I spent several years working 4 jobs at a time and doing a lot of soul searching to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I spoke to countless colleagues, did a lot of research and, by the end, was determined to make it in Human Resources. I asked the HR department where I worked for some responsibilities (non-confidential of course) then took a job recruiting for an agency. After some time I took the leap, while holding my breath, to a contract HR role in the hopes it would further my career. Long story, short, I am now the HR Manager at a fantastic custom manufacturing company in Boston and could not be happier. It can take years of time, leaps of faith, and a bit of luck as well but it can happen. Good luck!
—Guest Shana Stuart

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How Did You Transition to a Career in Human Resources Management?

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