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My Good Boss Principal Is an Inspiration

Share Your Story: Readers Share Stories About Their Good Boss

By Susan

What Makes Your Good Boss - Good

My Boss/Principal is the World's greatest Boss because he lives out the Golden Rule. He treats everyone fairly, kindly, and with utmost respect. He has gracious manners and is fair in his dealings with faculty, staff and students.

The Impact Your Good Boss Has on Your Work

My Principal inspires me to be the best by setting a wonderful example. He always wants the students to have opportunities for success. He listens to my ideas and supports and encourages me which allows me to be a talented and dedicated librarian. Our students have excelled in reading because of his utmost support. I have been able to create programs and book clubs which, in turn, inspire the students and give them confidence and success.

During this past Spring's Scholastic Book Fair we were able to sell more than $5,000 worth of books. All in part due to our Principal trusting me to make it a BIG event. We involved the entire community. During the Family Night we had nearly 500 members attend the event. The children were so proud of their book fair and helped out in many ways.

My Principal is always eager to share the credit. He is very kind and always makes the volunteers feel so very appreciated. My Principal practices diplomacy and good manners. When he smiles at you, you get the feeling you could sing along with Louie Armstrong, the song--"What a Wonderful World".

Tips and Tricks

  • Smile
  • Show good manners
  • Treat others as you wnat to be treated
  • Put the students first
  • Show diplomacy
  • Be a good leader
  • Listen to others
  • Allow staff to be innovative
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