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Menial Duties at Odds With Job Description in This Worst Office Job

Share Your Story: Readers Share Stories About Their Worst Job - Ever

By Amy

Share the Worst Job You've Ever Had

Wrong position title, menial work. I only lasted 2 weeks.

What Made This Job Your Worst Job - Ever

I was hired as a "Senior" Administrative Assistant with an average salary for a senior position, which was a significant amount more than my previous job. I was working in the corporate office with only a handful of executives. On my first day, the President asked the HR manager (in front of me!) why I was classified as "Senior" when it took the only other administrative assistant (in their Ireland office) several years to earn that distinction. In the end, he was right, because my actual job duties were not what was presented in the interview, and consisted of organizing files on the hard drive, filing papers, and making coffee. I finished their huge back-log of work in a matter of days, including re-doing the internal phone list about 10 times because the *PRESIDENT/CEO* cared about the order of the names (not alphabetical) and the font size and asked me to keep re-doing it. Then, they asked me to order and pick up lunch for the whole office, but did not offer me a lunch. The HR manager took me out to lunch a couple days later because she felt so bad about it. Luckily, I still had other interview requests coming in, so I was able to quickly find a new/better position (my current position, which is my BEST job ever!).

Tips and Tricks

  • I was so excited to get the job offer that I did not carefully consider if it was the best position to take.
  • I would recommend to interviewees to ask specific questions that help you evaluate the culture of your potential place of employment, as well as the specific duties of the potential position.
  • I would recommend to HR managers to properly evaluate the position description, title, duties, salary range, required FTE and task ratio before advertising the position.
  • Preparing for a behavioral interview would have helped as well.
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