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Share Your Story: Readers Share Stories About Their Worst Job - Ever

By MissConfused

Share the Worst Job You've Ever Had

Honestly, the worst job experience ever was the one I just quit today. I feel terrible for it, but I am incredibly disturbed by how they have treated me for the last 3 months.

I had waited to become a pharmacy technician for years, was incredibly psyched when I was told after 2 months that I got this job. Felt like the king of the world. First day there, met my coworkers and EVERYONE told me to get the hell out, that the management was shitty and would stress you out. But, I had dealt with drama and stress inside the work place before, so I believed I could handle what they threw at me. I was dead wrong.

What Made This Job Your Worst Job - Ever

My job description stated that I was a pharmacy technician, but I was treated like a cashier. They told me I needed to complete my computer training... made sense. After 1 month, I realized they were slacking on this training. I was their maid, not an employee. I asked both the pharmacy manager and the store manager over and over again to let me get my training done so that I could be of more assistance to their company and do what they had hired me on to do, but they refused. Kept giving me excuses and having me work more in the front end of the store than in pharmacy. They started telling me that the pharmacy has limited hours and that they can't afford to give me much. Then within an hour of saying this they start talking about hiring someone else on. Another tech. Why couldn't they train me? They would pull the same bullshit with the new person, why not just train me like I had been begging them for the last 3 months.

Another thing, I found out I was pregnant, which totally blew me out of the water and terrified me. I had seen the store manager write people up for the stupidest things and was terrified he would fire me because I was pregnant, but I read up on the laws and found out that's illegal. So I decided to tell him and be honest that the long hours of nonstop standing was causing my legs to go numb and I was always feeling close to fainting, but I kept trying to pull through.

I spoke with the store manager and told him all of this and that I didn't want to quit. I wanted to keep working more than anything, but that my doctor had told me that it wasn't healthy that my legs were going numb and that if I insisted on still working to let my manager know and give me less hours. So I requested that. He said, "Ooh sure, I remember when my wife was pregnant and she just quit her job because pregnancy can be rough on women. But I can see what I can do about maybe having you work 5 hour days instead of 7-8 hour days."

Come into work earlier this week and look at my schedule. He scheduled me for 6 days in a row at 7 hours each day. All closing shifts. I couldn't believe my eyes. I brought it up and he said well you are still the new girl, so you will have to put up with this.

So today, even though I have never done this in my life, I decided to quit without giving 2 weeks notice. Feel like a super bitch for it, but I have doctor's appointments and the doctor, my mother, my husband, sister, everyone telling me that was uncalled for behavior on the work front.

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