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Reader Stories: How Readers Celebrate Holidays and Events in Their Workplaces


Many workplaces celebrate annual holidays and events. Over time, as you celebrate annual holidays and events in your workplace, you form traditions and give your employees fodder for stories about their workplace. These stories and the photos from the events help form the company culture, the environment you provide for people at work. Employees like to celebrate holidays and annual events at work. If you involve them in creating the plans and traditions, celebrating holidays and annual events in the workplace improves employee morale, motivation, and engagement. See more Reader Responses to Questions.

Celebrate Annual Company Day as a Work Tradition

1. My company celebrates its annual day by taking the employees to some resort, acknowledging the outstanding performers for their meritorious services and those who have reached the milestones of 5t…More

Bowling for the Holidays

We closed the office at 3:00 in the afternoon the week of Christmas and invited the kids and spouses for an afternoon of bowling and pizza. The ages of the kids were from 2 1/2 years to 18 years. The…More

Celebrate With an End-of-Year Party

The party is usually on the last working day in December before the company break for the holiday.A committe is set up, with at least an HR staff as a member, to do the planning and hiring of caterer…More

Christmas Eve Luncheon Tradition

It has been a tradition since the start of the company to close at noon on Christmas Eve and take the entire company out for food and drinks. Family is invited to attend the lunch as well. It is a gr…More

Celebrating an Event in the Workplace: The Inauguration

We set up a screen in the conference room and connected it to a computer so we could watch the events online. Someone ordered pizzas and another person had brought champagne. It was all pretty casual…More

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