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Share Your Story: Readers Describe the Behavior and Actions of Their Coworker From Hell

By XXXNoname

Describe the Behaviors of Your Coworker From Hell

It started when I was assigned to an IT organization through a temp service as I was leaving to do graduate studies in another state.

The woman I worked for turned out to be a total, total nightmare. She was some kind of Svengali/ megalo-maniac (I'm not kidding). She had obviously learned some pretty sophisticated psychological techniques which she used to terrorize people in the office and she really enjoyed it. She ended up threatening to kill a co-worker and myself. She knew where I was going after that job and I found myself defamed, threatened, and my car constantly vandalized when I moved.

Tell How You Dealt With Your Coworker From Hell

After she threatened my life, I tried to tell the people at the temp service and they fired me. I ended up with a stress-related disorder. The defamation followed me for a really long time. I still am suffering ill effects.

Tips and Tricks

  • Get out faster; or, if you stay, keep an extensive diary of everything that is said and everyone who said it. Take pictures and collect evidence, if possible. Don't rely on HR to save you - they are just out to guard the company's interests. (I found that out in another "stellar" job I had.) Find a good lawyer before you leave to advise you. I believe that even OSHA has some rules about filing complaints in abusive work situations.

Susan M. Heathfield, About.com Human Resources, says:

Certainly, you should contact your state department of labor to see what your options are in an abusive situation. As a temp employee, you have fewer options and moving along early is a good idea. Ditto: good documentation, if only for the temp employment firm.
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