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Reader Stories: Paths to Careers in Human Resources


People take many paths on their way to careers in Human Resources. Everyone has a story about how they planned for or transitioned into careers in Human Resources. Won’t you take a few minutes and share your path to a career in Human Resources? Careers in Human Resources are popular reading on this Human Resources site. Any hints or helpful tips you can share will assist other readers to choose or transition to careers in Human Resources. Here are earlier reader stories and additional transition stories readers shared.

Hard Work, Persistence, and Belief

A temporary agency contacted me for an HR clerk position while the employee was on maternity leave. I was mentored by one of the best managers I've ever met.Learning drove me to complete my BS in HRM…More

Advocate for Those Who Have No Voice in the Workplace

Currently, right now I am almost finished with my degree. I have about seven classes left. I am employed full time and wish to increase my chances within business. I have planned for my masters to be…More

Work in HRM for People and Increased Capabilities

I would like to start my work in the HRM field as an HRM assistant so I can achieve more knowledge about that.After that, I am confident that I can make my career as an HR manager my work field and a…More

Following an HR Career Path

I liked to talk with people, listen about their problens professionally and help them. Then, the first University to start classes about Human Resources was Anhembi Morumbi and I went to study there …More

From Banking to Recruiting: Love at First Sight

Hi Susan, Have read a lot of good articles from you, therefore would like to contribute my bit. I graduated in marketing from one of the top 10 b-schools in India and was a successful banker in India…More

Transition to a Human Resources Career From Aviation

I was a Flight Attendant for 12 years. Knowing I would not spend my entire career in that industry, I sought avenues to transition, keeping me in the "service" industry. During my last year in aviati…More

From a Human Rights Passion to a Human Resources Career

Passion for justice, fairness and equity. Human Resources will provide me with a platform to make a contribution towards human development. I always had a dream of becoming a Human Resource expert wi…More

Took the Training Path in my Human Resources Career

Original career in HR began with working for the Human Resources Manager for a large manufacturing organisation, then progressed to work for the HR Director for the same organisation - both of which …More

Human Resources Career From Military Leadership Skills

25 years ago, after I had been in the military and came home, I was offered the position of personnel manager for a large corporation due to my leadership skills and that's how I got started. The res…More

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