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Want to develop positive, supportive, respectful work relationships? Whether your challenge is a bad boss, difficult people, or everyday coworkers, These tips will help.
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Tips for Minimizing Workplace Negativity
Your workplace is seething with negativity and hostility. No matter where the bad vibes came from, it's your reponsibility, to help make the atmosphere less negative and more positive, productive, stress-free and supportive.

Bad to the Bone: Dealing With a Bad Boss
Your relationship with your boss is your most significant workplace relationship. In terms of workplace happiness, engagement, and productivity, the bad boss can destroy it all. Find out how to deal with your bad boss. You can, you know.

Top 10 Toughest Questions - Asked and Answered
Regular emails from readers ask hundreds of questions each year. Patterns emerge about the toughest situations you face in your organizations. These are the ten toughest, but most frequent, questions you send my way. I’ve written a how-to piece to answer each question you’ve asked. These articles address and answer your toughest questions.

10 Tips for Dealing With People
No matter your job or your workplace, dealing with people effectively is a must for success. Dealing with people successfully will make work more fun and inspiring. Dealing with people is both a joy and a challenge. But, dealing with people successfully is the most significant factor determining whether you have the influence to accomplish your...

Ten Tips to Recession-proof Your Job and Career
Don’t bury your head in the sand and hope all of the potential threats to your job and career disappear. They won’t. Keep your ears tuned into your work grapevine; watch sales; observe your industry; keep a close eye on Washington; listen skeptically to your employer when you see problems not articulated. Now is the time to take steps to recession-proof your job and your career. You can recession-proof your job and career, but start soon, not later, to recession-proof your job and career.

How to Handle an Employee Resignation
An employee resignation, while sometimes accepted with a sigh of relief, is most often a loss for an organization. See how to handle an employee resignation.

Buyouts are a common method for reducing the number and cost of employees. In a buyout, the employer offers some employees or all employees the opportunity to receive a large severance package in return for leaving their employment.

Dress Code for Customer Interaction and Trade Shows
Even if you work in a casual dress code environment or a business casual work environment, the rules may change when you hit the road for your company with a business mission. Whether you are exhibiting at a trade show, attending a conference or training session, or visiting a customer, the dress code in effect at your \office may change for...

Interpersonal Skills Job Interview Questions for Employers to Ask
The following sample job interview questions about interpersonal skills enable you to assess your candidates skill in interpersonal and work relationships. Feel free to use these job interview questions in your own candidate interviews.

Tips for Managing Stress and Change at Work
Stress is normal. Everyone feels stress related to work, family, decisions, your future, and more. Stress is both physical and mental. It is caused by major life events such as illness, the death of a loved one, a change in responsibilities or expectations at work, and job promotions, loss, or changes. Read on to understand the impact of stress...

Why Sexy Isn't Better: How Sexual Behavior Can Submarine Your Career
Women who wear short skirts that display a lot of leg may be overlooked for promotion and pay increases. So says a recent study conducted by Tulane University. Overt sexual behavior at work, whether men and women are consciously aware of it, or not, can submarine your career. Learn more about sexual behavior and its impact at work.

Why "Blink" Matters: The Power of First Impressions
Professional speakers and trainers have long said that people make up their minds about people thay meet quickly - within minutes. Find out more about what Malcolm Gladwell thinks. The decisions may occur much faster in interpersonal relationships...

Inspirational Quotes for Business and Work About Respect
Looking for an inspirational quote about respect for your workplace communication tools including your newsletter, website, presentations, or meetings? Here are favorite quotes about respect.

Inspirational Quotes for Business: Leadership
Do you need an inspirational quote about leadership for discussion, illustration, communication or a presentation? These are some of my favorite quotes. Take a look.

Inspirational Quotes for Business and Work About Goals
Looking for an inspirational quote for work about goal setting, goals, or dreams. I have shared some of my favorites here.

Your Image Is You
Want a more professional image to help you develop effective interpersonal relationships? Your appearance and how you communicate are the first factors people evaluate. Then they take a look at more. Find out how to improve your image for networking and business relationships.

Taking the Suck Out of the Information Vacuum
Did you know that human error contributes more to mistakes and errors than any kind of mechanical or other failure? This is often because the people making the decisions don't have the appropriate information. Encourage successful upward communication to avoid mistakes.

Receive Feedback With Grace and Dignity
Interested in hearing about how others view your work? Make it easy for them to tell you. If they think you'll appreciatively consider their feedback, you'll get lots more. And, that is good, really.

Just Like Me: Search for Similarities
Want to develop effective working relationships with people at work? Start with similarities, not differences, among people when you build relationships. As a human resources professional, manager, supervisor, co-worker, staff member or business owner, effective work relationships are critical for your success.

Diversity Issues: Diversity in the Workplace
Diversity issues related to race, gender, age, disabilities, religion, job title, physical appearance, sexual orientation, nationality, multiculturism, competency, training, experience, and personal habits are explored in these links. The bias is toward valuing diversity.

Provide Feedback That Has an Impact
How you provide employee feedback affects how the feedback is perceived and acted upon. Give feedback appropriately to have an impact.

Dress Codes - Should Organizations Have Dress Codes?
Should organizations have dress codes? That's a contentious question these days. On the one hand, employees appreciate knowing what their organization considers appropriate work attire. On the other, employees believe that they are adults and capable of dressing appropriately for work without dress codes. Employers institute dress codes,...

Group Meeting Management - Competing Conversations
Want to develop effective working relationships with people at work? Effective interaction by people in business meetings can create effective work relationships. Effective group meetings manage the interaction of difficult people holding competing conversations.

Progressive Discipline
Progressive discipline is a process for dealing with job-related behavior that does not meet expected and communicated performance standards. The primary purpose for progressive discipline is to assist the employee to understand that a performance problem or opportunity for improvement exists. Find out more about progressive discipline.

Fight for What's Right: Tips for Meaningful Conflict
Conflict avoidance is most frequently the topic when conflict in organizations is discussed. Conflict resolution - as quickly as possible - is the second most frequent topic. This is bad news because meaningful conflict is a cornerstone in healthy, successful organizations. These tips will help you initiate and encourage positive conflict.

Building Effective Relationships That Work
"Relationships can often seem like fragile things – especially in the workplace where they are often built and destroyed by the actions we take. However, as Nick Heap explains, by underpinning those relationships with a few simple principles, they can grown into something secure and lasting." Good article.

Customer Centered Communications
There are five steps to employee communication that is customer-centered. One is to tie customer goals to employee outcomes and another is to involve the customer. Good reminder thoughts that to bring the customer back, customer service means everything. (PDF)

How to Give Good Feedback
Knowing how to give effective feedback can make or break performance feedback, according to this "Fast Company" article. Good pointers.

Mangling Interpersonal Relationships
I know, you were expecting something serious here. Not! Check out this post from rec.humor.funnyjokes to learn everything you need to know about building effective interpersonal relationships at work.

International Association of Business Communicators
Site offers resources in business communication. Much of the information requires membership.

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