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Training Transfer

Employees Can Apply What They Learned in Training On the Job


Training Transfer to the Job

Training Transfer to the Job

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Training transfer enables employees to apply the skills learned in training on the job.

Training transfer is performing certain activities before, during, and after a training session that enable employees to more effectively and quickly apply the skills learned in training on the job. Training transfer is the goal when employees are involved in any internal or external training activity, session, seminar, or on-the-job training.

The goal of training is to enhance the skills, knowledge, and thinking and learning ability of employees. But, even more important is the capability to apply the new information, skills, or knowledge in the employee's job.

Taking training transfer one step further, ideally, the employee learns the new information, applies the information on the job, and then, shares the new information by transferring the knowledge (training) other employees.

More About Training Transfer

This information suggests activities and ideas that enable the successful transfer of training to the employee's job. The transfer of training occurs most easily when the training is internally developed and delivered. But, even external training transfer will occur more effectively when you use these suggestions.

More Tips for Effective Training Transfer to the Workplace

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