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Celebrate Halloween in the Office

Here's Everything You Need to Safely Celebrate Halloween in the Office


Halloween in the office is an annual team building, employee morale boosting celebration that is fun for all involved. You can celebrate Halloween in the office. Engage employees in team building and relationship building events, festivities, fun, and food. And, you can bring your employees' families and significant friends to the office for the celebration, too.


Do celebrate Halloween in the office with family, friendships, and fun. Think creatively and celebrate Halloween in the office. Here’s what you need to know about having fun – with care, consideration, and respect for coworkers and their beliefs – about having fun with Halloween in the office.

Celebrate Halloween at Work: Create Halloween Traditions

Baby in Lion Costume for Halloween Office Trick or Treat
Rosemarie Gearhart
Traditions are important in companies just as they are in families. And, Halloween is one of the best holiday traditions to establish and to celebrate in the office. Halloween is unconnected to any particular religion so diverse employees are rarely offended. The myriad activities associated with Halloween allow you to schedule few or many events while still celebrating Halloween in the office. Find out more about having fun with Halloween in the office.

Why Halloween Hi-jinx Should Frighten Employers

Keep Halloween in the Office Legal, Nonreligious, and Fun
Copyright Nazarethman Productions
Halloween celebrations in the office are motivational and fun for employees. But, Halloween celebrations in the office also bring their own set of challenges for the employer. Although Halloween is meant to be a festive day, for some employers it could be more frightening than fun when employees celebrate Halloween in the office. Keep Halloween fun in the office positive for employee morale and safe from employer legal, ethical, and liability concerns.

Team Building Halloween

Halloween Winner in the Office Pumpkin Carving Contest
Copyright Betsy Weber
Celebrate a happy Halloween in the office. At a client company, Halloween is a big deal. The CEO came dressed up one year as a drunken old bum with a sleeveless t-shirt, a beer bottle and a belly, complete with belly button, hanging over his trousers. When I first saw him I was speechless with shock - and amazement - and amusement. To start at the beginning of the story, however...

How to Make Halloween Safe and Fun in Your Workplace

Spooky History of Halloween
Stanislav Pobytov

 With planning and advanced preparation and guidelines that are appropriately communicated to employees, employers can avoid the Halloween scary. From alcohol related abuses to sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment, employers do have worries when employees celebrate Halloween. Find out how to head problems off before they get started.

How Readers Celebrate Holidays and Events in the Office

Potluck Feast to Celebrate a Holiday in the Office
Kelly Mullins
Many workplaces celebrate annual holidays and events. Over time, as you celebrate annual holidays and events in your workplace, you form traditions and give your employees fodder for stories about their workplace. These stories and the photos from the events help form the company culture, the environment you provide for people at work. Readers share how they celebrate holidays, such as Halloween, in the office.

Celebrate Holidays for Motivation and Team Building

Celebrate Fall and Winter Holiday Traditions in the Office
Copyright Kelly Cline
Traditions are important in companies just as they are in families. And, nothing is more important than the annual traditions work places establish around the celebration of seasonal holidays such as Halloween in the office. A holiday celebration builds positive morale which results in increased employee motivation. Here are holiday celebration ideas for the fall and winter holidays such as Halloween.

Origins of Halloween

In the modern celebration of Halloween, most people enjoy the aspects of the holiday that derive from the pagan origins of Halloween, albeit with a secular mindset. The holiday celebrated by the great majority of people today is one of our most fun holidays. It has nothing to do with nationhood and has lost its religious significance for most people. We celebrate Halloween in the office simply because it is enjoyable to do so. Here's a resource from About.com's David Beaulieu, our Landscaping writer, that tells the history and emphasizes the more decorative aspects of Halloween.

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