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Small businesses face special challenges as they grow their sales and need people to help them manage their growth and success. These sites focus on information the small business person can use as your human resources related needs and interests grow.

Recession Planning for Employees
Given the downward spiral of CEOs' confidence and with the talk about a potential recession, what have you done to plan for the possibility that the downturn becomes severe and impacts employees? These are some of the actions to take in recession planning for employees, for your HR department and other departments within your business, perhaps...

People Power Your Small Business
Your small business has unique opportunities and challenges. These are best practices that exist - proven solutions to the troublesome issues you face with your human resources programs, policies, and approaches are available. Here's more about these beneficial practices.

Leadership and Management Success Tips: Business Management (B-1)
This business management tips will help you create a profitable business and develop the talented workforce you need for progress, resiliency and agility.

The Mid-Life Challenge: Make a Plan to Re-ignite Career Passion
Nobody will stop you in the hallway at work to ask if your career provides meaning and personal fulfillment. Recognizing that something’s missing in your career and vocational life and taking the initiative to make a career change must come from within. These tips will help you take charge of re-igniting your career search and making your...

Women and Work: Then, Now, and Future
Tired of reading about Carly Fiorina and other successful women who are the poster faces for the 'you've come a long way, baby' spin doctors? What is happening for other women in the workforce? Notably, what does the future hold for women and work?

Human Resources Management Books for Small Business
Looking for recommended small business Human Resources books that will help your small business start Human Resources programs, processes, and systems that are legal and helpful from the beginning? Take a look at these books which help you address your small business Human Resources issues with wisdom and excellence. They'll bring you success...

Books About Consulting: Internal or External
Want to learn more about starting and managing a consulting practice? These books will help you grow a professional, successful consulting practice. Learn more!

Top 10 Books for Job Seekers and Career Changers
Thinking about your current job search or a career change? For dads, grads and others, these books will help you find your way. Learn about the job market. Translate your most important needs, interests, and goals into a rewarding career. Find techniques for a successful job search. These are my long term favorites. Gift a favorite person with the opportunity to explore their desired future.

When You Can't Do It Alone Any More
Sure, you're the best at what you do, but what if you're growing and you just can't do it all by yourself anymore? Advertising Guide, Apryl Duncan, describes your options.

Time to Hire Talent
Small business has an advantage in hiring talent. Wonder when it's time to hire? Darrell Zahorsky, About's Small Business Information Guide, provides the indicators you need to check to answer that question.

Decide to Delegate
Part of the "10 Weeks to a More Successful You" Program developed by Susan Ward, About's Small Business: Canada Guide, this piece will help you learn to delegate effectively as your small business grows.

Business Plan Center
Interested in writing a plan for your small business? You'll find a library of links to sites offering research materials, sample business plans and software products to assist in business planning. View sample, award-winning business plans.

People Who Work for Your Small Business
This site is a terrific resource for the small business. It tells you how to hire, pay, make rules, motivate and more. Devoted to starting and building small business, this site also offers forms, policies, and help in all areas of small business development.

Small Business Human Resources
Information for small business owners about getting started with hiring new employees, who to hire, how to assess whether you need an employee, employee potential work load, training employees, and more from the United States Small Business Administration.

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