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Online Job Application


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An online job application is an application for a job that is filled out online. The online job application is replacing the paper / pen / pencil job application form that was traditionally filled out while a job applicant visited a company or waited for an interview.

Online job applications are increasingly the job application of choice for employers. Employers are moving much of their talent management including job applications, applicant tracking, applicant pre-screening, and applicant management online. Online job applications are paperless, require no human intervention in storage or retrieval, more efficient, and save staff time while meeting the requirements for nondiscriminatory hiring based on an applicant’s qualifications for a job

Online job applications can be searched by keywords to locate applicants with the skills, experience, and degrees required for specific jobs. Online job applications contain preliminary sections that prescreen and prequalify applicants before the employer is forced to review the entire online job application.

On the plus side for applicants, if an applicant is deemed unqualified for a particular job opening, the application session ends. This decreases the amount of time and energy that potential employees invest in filling out online job applications for positions for which they are unqualified.

Online job applications are filled out from the applicant’s home, at employment kiosks or desks at retail and other establishments, and on site at company locations. An online job application can take an hour to fill out so applicants need to begin the application with the necessary data and time on hand. (Few online job applications bookmark the location and allow the applicant to fill out the forms in multiple sessions.) Some online job applications allow applicants to upload a resume as part of the application process.

Most online job applications specify how often an applicant can apply to the company and the next steps a successful applicant can expect. They also specify how long, and for what positions, the candidate will be considered.

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Also Known As: online resume
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