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What Does a Manager Do?


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A Manager Provides Direction and Communication

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Question: What Does a Manager Do?

A manager, who is generally the head of a department or functional area within an organization, has specific responsibilities depending on the needs of his or her organization. The job description of a manager varies from organization to organization. Here is more about what a manager does, the manager's job description.

The manager's role and job description is at a pay grade or job classification level of the organization that integrates functions and departments for implementation success. The manager who is responsible for a department normally has directly reporting employees for whom he or she is reponsible to provide leadership.

Because the role of the manager bears significant responsibility, accountability, and authority within an organization, the manager has these responsibilities.

Responsibilities in the Job DEscription of a Manager

Traditionally, the manager's job description and responsibilities include:

  • Plan: planning the operation and function of the area over which the manager is assigned responsibility in a way that accomplishes the goals for which he or she is responsible.

  • Organize and Implement: organizing the production of the work, and the workforce, training, and resources necessary, in a way that accomplishes the desired and required outcomes to meet the goals.

  • Direct: providing the employees and their resources with enough guidance, direction, leadership, and support necessary to ensure that they are able to acomplish their goals.

  • Monitor: following up to ensure that the plan to achieve the goals is being carried out in such a way that its accomplishment is assured.

  • Evaluate: reviewing and assessing the success of the goal, the plan, and the allocation of the employees and their resources.

  • Performing other responsibilities as assigned by the president, vice president, or director to whom the manager reports.

These are the traditional roles of a manager. Here is a sample job description for a manager where you will find more detail about what a manager does. Find more information about each of these roles in: The Basics of Management.

More About the Job Description of a Manager

Additional responsibilities and recommended approaches to working effectively as a manager are available in these resources:

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