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Resignation Letter Template

Use This Resignation Letter Template as a Guide to Resign From Your Job


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Use this resignation letter template to craft your own resignation letter to your employer. Whatever reason you have for resigning from your job, this resignation letter template provides a guide for how to professionally resign.

Resignation Letter Template

Begin your resignation letter with a standard date, name of addressee, usually your direct manager or supervisor, and company address, just as you would any business letter. If you have personal stationery, plan to print the resignation letter to fit your stationery. If not, a plain piece of quality white paper should be used to print your resignation letter. Never write a resignation letter using your current employer's stationery.


Name of Supervisor

Company Name


City, State, Zip Code

Address the resignation letter to your manager or supervisor. Use their first name if that is what you typically call them. You will also want to send a copy of your resignation letter to Human Resources.

Dear Name of Immediate Supervisor:

Opening the Resignation Letter

Your first paragraph of your resignation letter should state that you are resigning from your job and that this is your letter of resignation. You should offer your employer two weeks' notice, and provide the last date of your employment.

Example: The purpose of this letter is to resign from my employment with Milton Company. My last day is (two weeks from the date of the letter).

Body of the Resignation Letter

If you want to provide your manager with a reason for your resignation, you may. Make your reason sound favorable to your career, not negative about your current employment. Your resignation is for a new job, going back to school, or moving to another state, for example. Continue to project a professional image as this resignation letter will reside permanently in your employment personnel file.

Example: I am resigning from my job because I have been offered and accepted a new job that will give me the opportunity to become a supervisor. The new job is also a chance for me to learn about working in a global marketplace. If all goes well, I will travel internationally to set up several new sales locations. As you know, I have wanted to obtain international experience.

In the next paragraph in the body of your resignation letter, it is appropriate to express a postive remark or two about your current employment.

Example: I will miss working with you. Milton Company has given me many opportunities to develop my career, learn about our industry, and hopefully, contribute to our customers' satisfaction. Your coaching and support have been valuable to me for the past couple of years. I know that I will also miss my coworkers and customers. I want you to know that my memories of this job and employer will always remain positive.

Closing the Resignation Letter

Your final paragraph of the resignation letter should offer your employer positive wishes for ongoing success. You wil also want to offer your services to help your employer transition a new employee into the job from which you are resigning.

Example: I wish the Milton Company nothing but the best in your future endeavors. Let me know what I can do to help you transition my responsibilities to a coworker or a new employee. It's not my intention to leave you with a problem, but I know that I will be extremely busy learning my new job when I start in two weeks.

End your resignation letter with your favorite closing such as sincerely, warmly, best, or regards. Then, type and sign your name to the resignation letter. Copy to: Human Resources


Employee Signature

Employee Name

Copy to: Human Resources

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