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Interview Rejection Letter

Following the First Interview with a Qualified Candidate


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An Interview Rejection Letter Demonstrates Respect

Do you want to establish a reputation as an employer of choice for potential job candidates and your own employees? With the accelerating war for the best talent, your reputation is the recruitment tool that will attract the best employees - or the worst.

Prospective employees express confusion and uncertainty when they have attended a job interview at your company and then, hear nothing for weeks - if ever. This is disrespectful treatment, especially at the interview stage in your recruitment process.

The candidate successfully made it through the application process to an interview. He or she deserves closure. Here is my recommended process for writing a candidate rejection letter.

Sample Rejection Letter Following the First Interview

Mr. Peter Elias

1984 Potter Street

Anywhere, TX 00000

Dear Peter:

The Graham Corporation interview team thanks you for coming in to attend a first round interview with the team. You will not be scheduled for a second interview. At this time, we have several candidates whose qualifications appear to better match our requirements.

We appreciate the time you took to come in and meet with our team. We enjoyed meeting you and encourage you to apply in the future for Graham Corporation openings that match your qualifications.

While we don’t feel that our current opening is the best match for your qualifications and experience, we do encourage you to apply again in the future. We will also keep you in mind should an appropriate opening come up.

Thank you again and best wishes with your job search.


Richard R. Holmes

Director of Engineering


Phone: 000-000-0000

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