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Employer Sample Letters for Any Occasion

Looking for a sample workplace employer letter to use for any occasion? You can use these sample employer letters to thank employees, recognize coworkers, honor teams, and for employee recognition. An employer thank you letter is always appreciated - and usually treasured. Find a sample employer letter for any occasion here.
  1. Award Letters (2)
  2. Compensation Letters (1)
  3. Condolence Letters Samples (3)
  4. Disciplinary Action / Warning Letters (5)
  5. Employee Introduction Letters (5)
  6. Employment Letters (3)
  7. Employment Offer Letters (7)
  8. Recognition Letters (5)
  9. Recommendation Letters (6)
  10. Rejection Letters (17)
  11. Resignation Letters Samples (12)
  12. Termination Letters Samples (7)
  13. Thank You Letters Samples (9)
  14. Welcome Letters (7)

Sample Termination Letter
Need a sample termination letter? It confirms the details of an employee's firing and summarizes the information that the now former employee needs to know. Find a sample employee termination letter.

How to Write a Sympathy Letter
You can find out how to write your own sympathy letter for the workplace by taking a look at these tips. You'll also find a sample sympathy letter.

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