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Salary Negotiation: How to Conduct a Salary Negotiation

Each employee who joins your organization conducts a salary negotiation with you to maximize their salary and benefits. For reasons of consistency, fairness, and employee morale, you often need to reject candidate requests in their salary negotiations. You can conduct fair salary negotiations that positively impact your company's budget while making the new employee feel their salary negotiation was successful. Learn more.

Tips for a Successful Salary Negotiation
A salary negotiation window exists after you make a job offer to your successful applicant. Here's how to make the salary negotiation a win-win for you and your selected candidate.

Salary Negotiations
Do you need to understand salary negotiations? You do if you ever make a job offer to a prospective employee because he is likely to want to negotiate pay. Learn more.

How to Make a Job Offer
Interested in knowing how many employers make a job offer? These are the steps employers use. Once the offer is extended, the salary negotiation begins.

Counter Offer When You Negotiate Salary
When you negotiate salary with a prospective employee, you can expect a counter offer to your first job offer. If it seems reasonable, most employers will counter with their own revised offer. Find out more.

Employment Contract
An employment contract is the written output of a salary negotiation. It documents the agreements made by the employer and the employee. Learn more.

Use a Point Person for Salary Negotiations
Here's how to negotiate compensation with your prospective employees by using a point person to help your negotiation successfully conclude. Learn more.

How to Ask for a Pay Raise in a Tough Economy
How do you ask for a pay raise when your company has put most pay raises on hold this year? Or, what if your employer is offering a 2% pay raise across the board, and you believe you have earned more? The answer? It depends. If pay raises are on hold, keep in mind that you risk looking like you’re not a team player when you ask for a pay raise...

How to Ask for a Pay Raise
If you want to make more money than you are currently making, you need to engage in a salary negotiation with your boss. Here are the steps to achieve success.

Make More Money: Your Lifetime Income Potential
Do you think that work is not about the money? Work is only not about money when you make enough. How much money you'll make during your career depends a lot on the career you choose. and your willingness to step up and ask for pay raises. Use these tips to make more money.

The Scoop on Salary Increases
Want current information on pay raises available? See what employers are paying their employees. You might be surprised - pleasantly - or not, if you plan to ask your employer for a raise.

Q. Should My Husband Ask for a Raise at His Troubled Company?
Couple spent on the assumption that the husband's base income included both his base pay and his profit sharing bonus. When his company experienced problems, the profit sharing ceased and they found themselves unable to live on his base salary. They want to know if he should ask for a pay raise to make up the difference. Their question is answered.

What Is a Job Offer?
Interested in information about a job offer? They're commonly made by an employer who wants to hire an employee. Then, the prospective employee can negotiate the offer. See what's included in a standard job offer.

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