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Behavioral Interview Questions Tip

Behavioral Interview Questions Avoid Looking in the Crystal Ball


Behavioral Interview Questions Tip

Selecting the Right New Employee for Fit Is Challenging

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I differentiate behavioral interviewing from speculation. But, the supposed behavioral interview questions that I most often hear employers ask in their behavioral interviews, require speculation on the part of the candidate. What would you do if the following occurred, asks the interviewer. And, the candidate responds with what she "thinks" she'd do in the circumstances described. Speculation.

What I prefer to call a behavioral interview question asks the candidate to describe how she has reacted and handled that situation in the past. Then, as an interviewer, you can assess whether you believe the situation was handled appropriately. You can determine how the candidate approaches problem solving, and so forth. You are also generating actions that you can ask the candidate's references to discuss. As an example, did the reference see the situation similarly to the candidate?

I have prepared a step-by-step guide to behavioral interviewing that you will find useful. Several of the recommended steps can be accomplished during the recruiting planning meeting

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