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Creative Staffing at Legoland


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Creative Staffing at Legoland
Picture of Lelaflowers at Legoland, Chicago
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How can you creatively approach recruiting and selecting candidates? Training positions are frequently filled after finalists present a training session. Software development positions may require the applicant to demonstrate development prowess by coding a small project and working out an intricate problem on a white board.

Customer service candidates may have to answer several test customer complaints via email to demonstrate their ability to relate to the customer and clearly and succinctly answer the customer’s questions. Math tests are used to select accounting employees. Can you even imagine selecting a technical writer without sampling his or her writing on site?

And, behavioral interviews, during which a candidate has to talk about how he or she handled various situations in the past, are recommended.

Potential employee testing and demonstration of required job skills are key in selecting qualified employees. If possible, invite prospective employees to company social events or to work in the workplace, if possible, for several days. You are testing both skill and cultural fit.

Legoland’s Recruiting Process for a Master LEGO Builder

Are you interested in one organization's approach to creatively filling an open position? Take the ideas that you find here and use them to think creatively about how you can supplement your regular staffing activities.

Cassi Weber, Legoland Discovery Center Chicago's General Manager shared their approach to recruiting a new Master Model Builder.

Creative staffing at Legoland began with an innovative idea about how to staff a Master Lego Builder position. The application for the Master Model Builder at Legoland Discovery Center Chicago began when the position was posted on Merlin Careers and within several Illinois college's career centers.

The application process for the position required each applicant to fill out an application and submit a cover letter and resume. Each applicant was also required to create a one minute YouTube video and submit the link with the application. The video explained why the applicant was qualified to become the next new Master Lego Builder.

The finalists for the position were chosen after a committee reviewed all parts of the application: resume, cover letter and the YouTube video. The Master Model Builder position is a public position requiring the candidate to be on camera, showcase creativity, and interact with both kids and adults. It was essential during this application process that the committee was able to see if the candidates displayed all of these abilities.

Dozens of applicants for the Master Model Builder job applied online at the Legoland Discovery Center Chicago's website by uploading a resume and a one-minute YouTube video. Staff at the Center narrowed down the applicants to eight finalists, who were asked to compete in a build-off competition attended by the public and the judges.

The final eight contestants were chosen based on their creativity and charisma in the YouTube video and their responses to a series of questions conducted in a phone interview.

Throughout the competition, candidates were challenged to build complex LEGO models based on various themes supplied by the Center and using only the piles of pre-selected LEGO bricks in front of them. A special panel of adults and children judged each candidate's performance based on their creativity, aptitude at building and ability to interact with guests.

The finalists were evaluated by a panel of six judges using four criteria.

  • creativity,
  • building ability,
  • public speaking skills, and
  • the ability to interact with the audience.

As a result of this evaluation process, the new LEGO Master Builder was selected. See who.

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