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Recruiting Employees

You want to recruit the best employees for your organization's needs. You want talented employees who fit your culture. Your recruiting strategies are critical in attracting top talent. Learn more about effective recruiting.
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  2. Use Online Job Posting Sites for Recruiting Employees (11)
  3. Recruit, Select, and Employ Interns (2)
  4. Use Social Recruiting to Attract Employees (9)
  5. Staffing Red Flags for Employers (5)

How to Recruit and Hire the Best: A Checklist for Success
Want to recruit and hire a superior workforce? This checklist will help you systematize your hiring process. The checklist helps you keep track of your recruiting efforts. It communicates both the recruiting and the hiring process and progress in recruiting to the hiring manager. Take a look and provide feedback.

Use Your Team for Recruitment: A Retention Strategy
Here's how to use your team to select and retain great staff for business success. Talented people who continue to develop skills and increase their value rule. Recruit and retain them.

Recruit and Hire the Best - Free Email Class
Recruiting the best employees for your organization is an ongoing challenge for every manager, supervisor and Human Resources professional. If you're looking for solid, proven best practices and up-to-the-minute ideas in recruitment, interviewing and selection, you've found the right course. Find useful forms and a Forum in which to discuss your hiring challenges. Sign up today!

Recruiting Stars: Top Ten Ways to Get Great Candidates
Need to recruit employees? hate starting all over every time you need a new employee? Here are 10 tips about building a pre-qualified pool of canndidates - before you actually need a new employee.

Pitfalls to Avoid in Human Resource Recruitment
Pitfalls await your recruitment efforts. Recruitment is identifying the need for a new employee and then, finding, interviewing, and hiring the most qualified applicant. You need planning and effective recruitment execution to get the best hire.

Plan Your Recruiting to Ensure Successful Candidate Selection
As the war for talent escalates in coming years when specially skilled employees will be difficult to recruit and hire, your recruitment process will matter even more. Find out best practices in recruiting.

Conduct Powerful Job Interviews
Want to hire great employees? How to conduct a safe, legal job interview that also enables you to select the best candidate for your open positions is important. The job interview is one of the significant factors in hiring because so many employers count on the job interview to help determine their best, most qualified candidates. Learn about job interviews in my free email class.

Top 10 Recruiting Tips
Recruiting the best people who can fit within your culture and contribute within your organization is a challenge and an opportunity. Learn more from these ten tips.

Your 401k Plan is a Recruiting Magnet
The 401(k) is a common, and appreciated, component of an employee benefits package. Use the 401(k) as a positive attraction when you recruit employees.

Use Your Team for Recruitment: A Retention Strategy
How would you like to increase your candidate selection pool, add value to interviews, heighten employee loyalty, build supportive peer relationships, and improve retention rates simultaneously? By implementing a team recruitment strategy, you can achieve this. Find out how.

Ten Deadly Mistakes Job Searchers Make
Sometimes the simplest mistakes make all the difference in the potential joining together of an employer and a job searcher. These opportunities to fail occur before the first phone call is ever exchanged. If you’re an employer, these simple, yet serious, job searcher mistakes tell you volumes about the candidate. These ten deadly mistakes...

Why "Blink" Matters: The Power of First Impressions
Does our knowledge of the fact that we are quick to jump to judgment about potential employees help us control the downside? There is a downside. Learn more from Malcolm Gladwell.

The HR Role in Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility
When companies are global, an important challenge in garnering success is to respect other cultures and workforce environments and start forming a global profile or social consciousness. Recognize these differences with a sound Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan that can simultaneously increase shareholder value, boost employee...

What Turns You Off the Fastest?
To make it to an interview, a candidate has already passed a review of his resume, a review of his cover letter, a comparison against all of the other current candidates applying, and possibly, a telephone screen. Consider the odds of an individual's candidacy making it this far. Under these trying circumstances, you'd think the candidate's interview would shine. Wrong.

7 Steps to Hire an Employee
Want to hire outstanding employees for your business? Here are seven critical steps that you must accomplish to recruit and hire the best employees. These steps will guarantee great hires.

10 Step Hiring Process: How Employers Hire Employees
Need to know the ten basic steps that must occur in your hiring process for you to successfully hire superior employees? Use these ten recommended steps and you will retain and engage your workforce.

6 Tips to Speed Up Hiring
Recruitment of employees is time consuming and keeps HR staff from other priority contributions. Here are six ways to speed up hiring so you can invest the saved time elsewhere.

Creative Staffing at Legoland
Need some creative ideas for innovative staffing approaches? LEGOLAND Chicago put together a recruitment process for a Master Model Builder that featured YouTube videos, a building contest, and selection by a committee of six judges. Perhaps your recruitments could use an influx of creatvity?

Three Tips for Business Blogs
While 43 percent of online weblog or blog readers visit political/news blogs, the percentage of the online audience reading blogs is skyrocketing. Why does this growing blog readership matter? A business blog is an ideal way to highlight your successful company and products to prospective employees, vendors, customers, and your industry. Convinced you need a business blog? Use these three recommendations to write your business blog so that it attracts readership, superior candidates, and sales.

Recruit and Hire the Best
Looking for solid, proven best practices and up-to-the-minute ideas in recruitment, interviewing, selection, and hiring? If so, you've found the right class to learn how to recruit and hire the best.

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