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  1. Open Door Policy (6)

Office Planning Feedback
Need tips about space planning in your office? You can gain management input for space needs and create a workplace that effectively houses employees with these tips.

Open Office
Need to understand what an open office is? It has positive and negative impacts on employees. Learn more about open offices and their positives and negatives for employees in your organizaation.

Open Door Policy
Many employees misunderstand the concept of an open door policy and think of it as an opportunity to complain to management. It can be so much more if implemented appropriately. Learn more.

Open Door Policy Awry
Open door policies and actual employee behavior in regard to company guidelines are a challenge. An area of frequent reader questions, your open door policy needs guidelines, support and follow through from managers, and education and understanding by all employees. Develop a working open door policy.

Open Door Policy Sample
Want to see an open door policy so that you have a guide to develop your own policy? Here's a straightforward, simple, sample open door policy.

Paid Personal Days Policy Development
Paid personal days are time off from work that an organization voluntarily provides employees as a benefit. The number of paid personal days is often accrued by employees based on years of service to the organization and the level of their position. Other companies, however, keep paid personal days simple - every employee receives the same...

Paid Time Off Policy Sample
Need a sample paid time off (PTO) policy to review? When you decide to provide your employees with flexible time off to meet their life needs, this sample policy will guide you through writing your own policy.

Performance Improvement Plan
Looking for a format to use for a formal Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)? Here's how to use a PIP and a format to guide your employee's performance feedback.

Paid Vacation Days Policy
Want to know more about paid vacation days? Paid vacation days are time off work provided to employees as a benefit. Paid vacation days are generally accrued by employees based on years of service to the organization.

Performance Management Process Checklist
Performance management is a hot topic in business these days. This Performance Management Process Checklist will help you do the right things right to create an effective employee performance appraisal and development system.

Personnel File Access Policy
All employees, former employees, and representatives of employees may view certain documents from their personnel file with advance notice to Human Resources staff. Documents that relate to the employee's qualifications for hire may be viewed. Documents that may not be reviewed are also described.

Performance Development Plan Form Sample
This Performance Development Planning Form (PDP)provides a sample form to use in your quarterly Performance Development Planning meetings to document goals, measurements and progress on goals.

Personnel File Policy
Do you need a sample personnel file policy? This policy recommends separate files for some employee information and provides file access information for employees.

Phone Screen Best Practices
Want to save staff time and energy during your selection process when interviewing potential employees? Use a phone screen to narrow your candidate field. Here's how to conduct a phone screen. Use these sample questions.

Phone (Cell) Policy Sample for Workplaces
You can make this cell phone policy the basis for your work place cell phone policy. It will protect both the employer and the employees. This cell phone policy sample is not to be construed as legal advice.

Policy Receipt Acknowledgement Sample
The Company's objective, in establishing a dress code, is to enable employees to project a professional, business-like image while experiencing the comfort and advantages of more casual and relaxed clothing. This policy receipt acknowledgement allows you to track that every employee has received and understands the new policy.

Progressive Discipline
Progressive discipline is a process for dealing with workplace behavior or performance that does not meet expected and communicated performance standards.

Progressive Discipline Warning Form and Counseling Record
This sample disciplinary warning form documents the disciplinary action, the employee counseling that is part of disciplinary action, and the performance requirements for improvement.

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