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Policy Samples and Examples

Policy, procedures, and standards samples and examples to help you write and develop fair, consistent policies standards, and procedures for staff guidance and fair treatment.

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Policy Samples, Checklists, Sample Forms, and Sample Procedures for Businesses
You've found the site if you're looking for sample policies, checklists, procedures, forms, and examples of Human Resources and business tools. These samples are provided for your personal use.

How to Recruit and Hire the Best: A Checklist for Success
This hiring checklist can be adapted and modified to represent the hiring process as you want it to proceed in your organization. Adopt a consistent hiring process to produce a superior workforce.

Absenteeism Policies and Information
Absenteeism policies and procedures are defined and links are provided to helpful sites. Part of the Human Resources site glossary.

Bereavement Leave Sample Policy: Funeral Leave
This is a bereavement leave or funeral leave sample or example policy. Use this bereavement leave or funeral leave policy as a starting point to write your own bereavement leave or funeral leave policy.

Bullying at Work: Policy Development
The focus of the bully is often on competence, or rather the alleged lack of competence of the bullied person. In reality, the target of bullying is often competent and popular. Read more.

Sample Health and Safety Policy
Sample Health and Safety Policy from the Arizona Public Service. The policy contains sections about management commitment and developing a safety culture.

Sample Condolence Letter: Family Death
Need a sample condolence letter for a coworker who experiences a close family member's death? They're appreciated by your bereaved coworker. See a sample letter for a family death.

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