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Supervision and Motivation

A Tip About Employee Motivation


Supervisors Work With Employees to Foster Motivation

Supervisors Work With Employees to Foster Motivation

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Every time I do an exit interview with an employee I would really liked to have retained, I am struck by the fact that people leave supervisors or managers more often than they leave employers or jobs.

Thinking about motivation, here are some of the supervisory actions that cause people to stay with or leave their jobs.

  • You need to pay attention to employees and help them feel important. This involved asking them how they are doing, thanking them for their efforts and keeping commitments to them.

  • Keeping commitments is as simple as attending a scheduled meeting rather than postponing it because everything else is more important.

  • Recognition is a key factor in employee motivation and people like to hear words of praise from their boss.

  • You need to provide solid direction so your staff knows that they are accomplishing important goals.

  • The power of a supervisor's feedback cannot be overemphasized.

  • Provide staff the opportunity to learn, grow and make career progress.

  • Finally, help employees feel like members of the “in-crowd”. They want to know what is happening as quickly as everyone else – earlier, if possible.

Do these activities wisely and you’ll be viewed as a positive, motivating supervisor and you’ll keep your best staff.

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