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How to Create a Motivating Workplace?

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If you can't motivate people directly, what can you do to create a motivating workplace? Identify the factors that employees find motivating and make sure your work environment supports them. Think about what makes a workplace motivating for you as one source for answers to this question. Don't assume, however, that every employee shares the same needs in a motivating workplace.

I enjoy, for example, change, challenge, being in charge and a variety of activities in every work day. Others are motivated by other values and needs. An employee survey, performed annually, can tell you a lot about what's motivating for people in your workplace, and especially, what decreases their motivation.

Leading small employee focus groups can also tell you much about creating a motivating workplace. Talking to staff members every single day works, too. Once you decide to identify what your workforce finds motivating, some of the answers may surprise you.

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