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Management Development: Training for Managers

Management development training is critical for organizations in which managers direct and organize work. Management development training resources are featured here to help you develop managers who are effective leaders in your organization.
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Powerful Management Training
Management training develops employee strengths and their ability to contribute within your organization. A variety of management training is available in organizations – choices are endless. The management training can include internally supplied, customized for your company, ongoing management development. Management training can also...

Executives Need Performance Development Plans (PDPs)
Performance appraisals, or performance reviews, as they have traditionally been approached in organizations are fundamentally flawed. The adoption of a performance management system instead will improve both employee performance and employee motivation.

Group Mentoring
Effective relationships and learning are the mainstays of organizational success today. Organizations that find meaningful ways for their employees to connect are more likely to realize greater productivity, enhanced career growth, freely flowing innovation and overall improvement in employee performance. Group mentoring is a value-added tool...

Help Develop Employee Strengths - Not Weaknesses
When you think about development for managers, consider helping them develop their strengths. Don't focus on building weaknesses unless they interfere with the accomplishment of the job.

How to Implement a Book Club at Work
Looking for an easy way to share information and develop employees at work? Form a book club in which a group of employees voluntarily read the same book. Combine the book reading with a regularly scheduled discussion meeting to double the impact of the book. Ask one employee to lead the discussion about the week's assigned chapter or two. Ask a...

The Bottom Line for Employee Retention
Want the bottom line when it comes to employee retention? The quality of the supervision an employee receives is critical to employee retention. People leave managers and supervisors more often than they leave companies or jobs. Learn how to help your managers address employee retention.

Tips for Providing Mandatory HR Training for Managers
Want some tips for making the mandatory Human Resources-related training that you provide for managers - effective and fun? Here's how to make training work.

The 12 Best Ways to Do On-the-Job Training
Want to know how to provide effective job training for managers and supervisors? The best job training often occurs at work in weekly training sessions during which managers can exchange tips and information. Here are 12 ways to provide management training at work.

What Is Management Development?
Management Development is the overall concept or terminology that describes the many ways that organizations help employees develop their personal and organizational skills, either as managers or with a management job in mind. Find out more about what is included in your many options for management development.

Train Employees to Train Coworkers
Definite advantages exist for your organization when you have developed the training capabilities of your employees. Teach employees to train.

Train Managers to Train
Definite advantages exist for your organization when you have developed the training capabilities of your managers. Teach managers to train for ease of workplace training transfer and reinforcement.

Use Training or Lose Training
This is an old, but true, adage. If employees don't use training, they lose training. Find out more.

Brown Bag Lunches
Brown bag lunches or lunch and learns provide an opportunity to develop employees' knowledge, pique their interest about opportunities, and demonstrate the company's commitment to providing a healthy, value-based, motivational work environment. Find out more about why you might want to offer brown bag lunches or lunch and learns.

Management Courses - What Other Management Courses and Opportunities …
I've suggested a number of management courses that managers need for success. What other types of training, management courses, and developmental opportunities do managers need to succeed in management? What developmental opportunities helped you to succeed? Suggest particular management courses and other developmental opportunities you think managers need.

Continuous Learning at Work: What’s In It for You?
The more you learn at work, the more valuable you are to your employer and the more likely you are to be promoted into the job you want. Take the time to create a personal development plan and share it with your supervisor for your ongoing job growth.

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