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Whether you're in human resources or line management, you'll find how to, theoretical and even, inspirational information about employee management, supervision and leadership within these resources. Looking for input to further develop your own employee management and leadership skills? Seeking insight into working well with other managers and leaders? You'll find the information you need here.
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What Great Managers Do Differently
Managers who are great break almost every rule that is touted as the path to successful and effective management of employees. Learn management success secrets to create productive, engaging workplaces.

Twenty Dumb Things Organizations Do to Mess Up Their Relationship With People
Want to know how you mess up your relationships with the people you employ? Here are 20 top ways that organizations - without meaning to - mess up their relationships with the people who work in their small business.

Top 10 Mistakes Managers Make Managing People
Many managers lack fundamental training in managing people. But, even more importantly, managers lack the values, sensitivity, and awareness needed to interact effectively all day long with people. Skills and techniques are easier to teach, but values, beliefs, and attitudes are much harder to teach - and harder for managers to learn. Yet, these...

Secrets of Leadership Success
Need to know what qualities, skills, and traits set leaders apart? Start with these nine to build your leadership success.

Talent On-the-Bubble: Addressing Human Behavior at Work
One of the great lessons from Talent IQ is that the performance of talent gone awry is very seriously under-addressed in organizational life. Called “Talent On-the-Bubble,” a pattern of human behavior was identified that can take any organization and its leadership team down if left untended. Talent On-the-Bubble can make a mockery of...

Management Skill Job Interview Questions
Need to assess the management skills of your job applicants? These sample job interview questions are for employers to ask candidates to assess these skills. See more.

Top 10 Principles of Employee Empowerment
Looking for real management advice about people? You want to create an environment in which people are empowered, productive, and happy. Don't hobble them by limiting their tools or information. Trust them to do the right thing. These are the most important principles for managing people. They reinforce employee empowerment, accomplishment, and...

Managing Human Resources
Want to know what managing Human Resources entails? It's all about the people, getting the job done, and continuous improvement. Find out more about the manager's or leader's role in managing people.

Wholesome Organic Profits
Recent corporate financial scandals have called into question the quality of corporate earnings. Find out how twenty-two big companies thrive and prosper by consistently producing high-quality organic growth and homegrown profits. Organic growth does foster successful employees, company profit, satisfied customers, and measurable contributions.

Position Power
Use position power to lead the attainment of mission, vision and strategic goals. Don’t use position power to strike fear in the hearts and minds of employees. Learn more about position power.

How to Gift the Boss or a Special Coworker
What do you buy your boss or coworker when you'd like to give a gift for a special occasion? Here are 10 great ideas.

Index to Articles About Management and Performance Management on the HR Site
Looking for information about supervision, leadership, management, and performance management? Find information about supervision, leadership, management, and performance management in this directory or index.

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