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Free Job Descriptions and Employment Samples

Need sample job descriptions that you can use to develop your own? These comprehensive samples are customizable to meet the needs of your organization. These comprehensive job descriptions will also help you identify the needed outputs from your employees' jobs. Sample free job descriptions and sample employment forms and letters are provided to give you a head start.
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  3. Job Specifications (5)
  4. Sample Employer Letters (107)
  5. Interview Questions (20)
  6. Human Resource Sample Checklists (5)
  7. Job Applications Best Samples (7)
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  9. Sample Job Titles (10)

What Does a Human Resources Manager, HR Generalist, or HR Director Do?
Interested in what HR managers, generalists and directors do? Here's information about their new and changing roles. This mini job description tells you exactly what they do. Perhaps HR is the career for you?

Job Description Template
Need a job description template to simplify the process of developing a job description? This job description template provides a guide for you to use to develop your own job descriptions for your organization. Find a useful job description template.

How to Develop Job Descriptions
Need reasons to spend the time developing job descriptions? There are reasons why an employer might want to develop job descriptions - and reasons why employees want them. Find out.

Why Effective Job Descriptions Make Business Sense
Want to recognize the power of job descriptions in providing clear expectations for employees? Approached effectively, they are great for your business. See why.

Job Analysis
A job analysis is the process used to collect information about the duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job. You need as much data as possible to put together a job description, which is the frequent outcome of the job analysis.

Job Plans: Employee Owned Job Descriptions
Need an employee and company friendly way to keep employee job descriptions, goals, and plans up-to-date without Human Resources intervention? Consider a job plan. Owned by the employee in conjunction with and negotiated with his or her manager, the job plan solves the most frequent problems organizations experience with job descriptions.

Job Specification
What does a job specification tell HR and the hiring manager? It also provides information to applicants for the job. Find out more about job specifications or job specs.

Make Job Descriptions Easy for Employers
How you approach job decriptions in your organization can make all of the difference in whether they are kept up-to-date and owned by the employees. Here's a recommended approach to maintaining job descriptions.

Job Specification Sample: Human Resources Director
This sample job specification for a human resources director provides an example of a job specification. See a sample job specification for a human resources director that describes education, experience, characteristics, skills, knowledge, and an overview of the job requirements.

Job Specification Sample: Marketing Manager
Need a job specification for a marketing manager? This sample provides an example of a job specification. It lists responsibilities and needed experience. Please feel free to model yours on this sample.

Job Descriptions
Need a definition for job description? This definition highlights the components of an effective job description.

Bio-Tech Job Descriptions
These general, not detailed, job descriptions describe the jobs available in the emerging field of bio-technology.

Dictionary Of Occupational Titles Index
You will find these many job titles useful in forming and describing jobs. The A-Z Index makes job titles and descriptions easy to find. Available formerly on the DOT Web site on which the list was last updated in 1991, here is the current list of available job descriptions.

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