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Interviewing Tips and Techniques

You want to use interviewing as an effective tool to help you select the most qualified employee who is also a good cultural fit. These interviewing tips and techniques will facilitate your selection of top talent.
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How to Interview
Use this interviewing checklist to prepare your team to interview potential employees. If you follow these steps, you will ensure that you make great hires.

Job Interview Tips: How to Interview Potential Employees
Want job interview tips to help you select employees? These job interview tips will help you assess the skills, experience, and cultural fit of your potential employee. The job interview is a powerful factor in the employee selection process in most organizations. While the job interview may not deserve all of the attention that it receives, the...

Conduct Powerful Job Interviews
Want to hire great employees? How to conduct a safe, legal job interview that also enables you to select the best candidate for your open positions is important. The job interview is one of the significant factors in hiring because so many employers count on the job interview to help determine their best, most qualified candidates. Learn about job interviews in my free email class.

Best Practices in Interviewing
You want to interview potential staff and effectively select the people who best fit your organization's needs. To do this, your interview process, interview questions, and interview exchanges must be legal, ethical, and not offer assurances that potential staff can interpret as promises. Want to know more about interviews?

5 Interview Red Flags for Employers
From lies to lack of preparation, poor attitude, and insincerity, you can pick up on signs and collect evidence during an interview that the potential employee is not for you. If you know what you are looking for, employers can successfully spot these job interview red flags - before making a job offer to a prospective employee. They’re...

Best Practices in Interviewing
While the questions aren't illegal unless the employer discriminates based on the information they elicit, you do want to avoid certain interview questions. Here are more best practices in interviewing.

5 More Interview Red Flags for Employers
Want to know the types of behaviors and actions that should red flag the employer about a potential employee during the job interview? Watch out for these five.

Behavioral Interviews: Use a Behavioral Interview to Select the Best
Behavioral interviews are a powerful tool for assessing your job candidate's skills and accomplishments. You can determine whether he or she is the best fit for your job by using a behavioral interview. Find out more.

Why Shine at an Internal Interview?
The internal job interview serves many purposes. The employer holds an internal job interview to assess the skills and experience of a current employee. The internal job interview can be so much more than just a job interview, though. Here's frequently asked question about internal job interviews. You might want to solicit opportunities to...

Eight Hiring Mistakes Employers Make: From Application to...
Hiring decisions that result in "bad" hires sap your organization's time, training resources, and psychic energy. These are the top hiring mistakes to avoid during your recruiting and hiring process. Do these eight activities with care; your recruiting, interviewing and hiring practices will result in better hires.

Conduct Informational Interviews
Need to conduct or participate in an informational interview? They allow people who are interested in a career field to learn about the practices of a job or company in person, as opposed to reading about them. Find out more.

Interviewing Styles: Tips for Interview Approaches
Did you know that a variety of interview types and approaches are available as you seek the perfect candidate? Find out what they are and when they're useful.

Job Candidate Evaluation Form
You want samples and examples, so, this featured tool is a Job Candidate Evaluation Form. Useful for comparing candidates, it also gives your interviewers information about the skills they need to assess in each candidate. Take a look and remember, you can print a printer-friendly version.

Job Interview Match Dance
The purpose of the job interview is not just to get the job. The purpose is to find out if you and the company are a good match in terms of skills and culture. Learn more.

Nine Recruiting and Selection Tips to Ensure Successful Hiring
These nine tips will help you in recruiting and hiring a candidate who will become a successful, contributing superior employee. Learn how job analysis helps you in recruiting and hiring a superior staff.

Second Interview Tip
Wonder why employers schedule prospective employees for a second interview? Compelling reasons exist for scheduling more face time with job candidates. You want to ensure that your choice for the job offer is the right choice. Find out more.

Phone Interviews Screen Applicants Prior to an Onsite Job Interview
You can use a phone interview to review your most promising candidates prior to bringing them onsite for a job interview. You want to weed out the unqualified prospects before you invest staff time in interviews with people you're unlikely to hire.

What Turns You Off the Fastest?
To make it to an interview, a candidate has already passed a review of his resume, a review of his cover letter, a comparison against all of the other current candidates applying, and possibly, a telephone screen. Consider the odds of an individual's candidacy making it this far. Under these trying circumstances, you'd think the candidate's interview would shine. Wrong.

Interview Red Flags for Employers - Readers Share Their Interview Red Flags
Employers need to notice and heed certain interview red flags. Whether your candidate is unable to supply details about accomplishments or arrives late and is dressed for a party, you need to notice and evaluate interview red flags. You spend too much time and resources on training and enculturation to let a bad candidate in your door. Readers...

Interviewing Tips and Questions
The job interview is a powerful factor in the employee selection process in most organizations. While the job interview may not deserve all of the attention it receives, it is still a powerful force in hiring. Share your best interviewing tips and questions.

Job Interview Story - Have a Job Interview Story You'd Love to Tell
If you've interviewed potential employees for jobs, you have sample interview questions that shine the spotlight on your best potential employees. These are the interview questions you use again and again because they work for you. These interview questions get candidates talking and contribute to a successful job interview. Your favorite interview questions might work for others, too. What's your favorite interview question and why?

5 Interview Red Flags for Employers
Do you know what you need to notice when you interview potential employees? Start with noting these five interview red flags and you'll increase the possibility that you are making job offers to the best potential employees. These red flags will help you make good choices.

Why Schedule a Second Interview?
Should you schedule prospective employees for a second interview? Compelling reasons exist for spending more time with them before making a job offer. Here's why to hold a second interview.

Ask Right to Hire Right: Effective Interview Questions
Looking for an effective way to immediately improve your interviewing and staff selection process? Ask the right questions. Find out more about interviewing.

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