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Ice Breakers, Energizers, and Activities

Ice breakers, energizers, and activities heighten the effectiveness of training sessions when targeted to the training, speaking, or facilitation topic and the needs of the learners or participants. Check here for the best ice breakers on the Web.
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My Best One Word Ice Breaker
This is the most simple, yet effective, ice breaker that I have ever used. It is endlessly adaptable for any meeting, team building or training session. Learn more.

Speed Meeting Icebreaker
Looking for an ice breaker that will help your participants connect quickly? This speed meeting ice breaker helps people connect. Take a look.

Meet and Greet Meeting Ice Breaker for Lunch
Want a fun, team building ice breaker that will warm up a group and build your team during meals together? This fun ice breaker fits the bill. Take a look at this team building ice breaker to take advantage of company meals.

How to Develop an Ice Breaker
Tired of spending time searching for an ice breaker and then, spending the time necessary to redesign the ice breaker for your needs? You can develop an ice breaker that will warm up the conversation in your training class, reinforce the topic of the training session, and ensure that participants enjoy the training. Sure, you can find an ice breaker in a book. But, its difficult to find the perfect ice breaker, that reinforces the topic of your training, to use with your group, in your setting.

Everything Ice Breakers
Looking for some great ice breakers for your meetings and training classes? These fit the bill. Take a look.

Your Favorites - An Ice Breaker
Need a simple ice breaker that requires little work and always works well with group?, This favorites ice breaker can be used in almost any setting for any purpose. See the steps to make this ice breaker work.

The Five of Anything Ice Breaker
Looking for a winning team building ice breaker that is quick and fun for meetings and training sessions? This five of anything ice breaker is infinitely flexible and customizable. Take a look and make it your own favorite.

Meet and Greet Meeting Ice Breakers
Want to know more about creating quick, fun ice breakers for meetings? I am a proponent of ice breakers that reinforce the content and goal accomplishment of a team building or training session. There is a place, however, for a fun ice breaker whose only purpose is to help session attendees know each other. Here are ice breakers that take time...

My Favorite Ice Breaker
I've used this successful ice breaker for so many years that I don't remember where it originated. This ice breaker or warm up activity is fast, easy, and fun. Try out this always successful, laughter-generating, simple ice breaker.

Pick-a-Partner Ice Breaker
You can use the Pick-a-Partner ice breaker to warm up a group and enable participants at a meal to get to know each other. While the ice breaker can be used to start off a day’s session, it is most effective when participants break for a meal. Several variations of the basic ice breaker are suggested so that you can add variety on different days of your meetings. Match the ice breaker to the ne…

Identify Ten Favorites Training Ice Breaker
This ten favorites ice breaker gives you an option when you want your training session participants to concentrate on warming up the conversation with fellow participants. This ten favorites training ice breaker makes conversation easy as your group prepares to tackle the more challenging exercises in your training class. Team building and...

Ten Favorite Foods Ice Breaker Samples - Ten Favorite Foods Ice Break…
I'd like to illustrate the possibilities of my ten favorites training ice breaker. We're sharing our ten favorite foods for fun and as examples. Readers share their ten favorite foods in this fun, fast training ice breaker. Share yours.

Rocking, Rolling Ice Breaker Questions
Are you looking for a quick ice breaker, that requires almost no preparation, to use in a variety of sessions? My ice breaker questions work magically to break the ice in meetings and training sessions. Take a look.

Ice Breakers for Meetings at Work
Ice breaker questions make a great opening for meetings at work. You can focus the discussion question on the topic of the meeting. Here are sample ice breaker questions that you can use.

Fun and Funny Ice Breakers
Looking for laughter generating fun and funny ice breakers to help create a relaxed environment in your meeting, training class, or team building session? This resource will serve your need.

Icebreakers for Meetings to Get to Know the Other Participants
Do you need ideas about how to help participants get to know each other at the beginning of a meeting, training class, or team building session? You can engage people in comfortable conversations that break the uncomfortable silence. Here's how to break the ice.

Thoughtful Team Builder Ice Breakers
Looking for a way to build your team quickly and effectively as part of your regular meetings and training sessions? These team builder ice breakers fit the bill. Use team builder ice breakers to help you create a meeting or training environment that fosters communication. Thoughtful team builders help participants know each other's values and...

Have You Experienced a Great, Fun, Imaginative Ice Breaker?
Who doesn't need a great ice breaker for meetings, training classes, and team building activities? Have you read, used or participated in an ice breaker that you enjoyed? We're collecting your favorite ice breaker to create a treasure trove for readers. Readers share their favorite ice breaker.

Meaningful Quotes Ice Breaker
Do you need an ice breaker that is easy to create, generates discussion, breaks the ice with participants, and pulls your audience into the topic of the meeting, team building session, or training activity? The meaningful quotes ice breaker does all three. See the ice breaker.

Take a Stand Group Ice Breaker
Need an ice breaker for a group? This ice breaker is different because it doesn't divide the participants in a training session or meeting into smaller groups. The take a stand ice breaker allows you to break the ice with your whole group in one team building activity. Find out how to plan and lead the take a stand group ice breaker.

What Is an Ice Breaker?
Want to know more about how to use ice breakers in training? Trainers, facilitators, and meeting leaders use ice breakers in training sessions to help participants get to know each other and to stimulate conversation. Ice breakers break the ice in training classes.

Top 10 Ice Breakers
Want to try out the best ice breaker activities on my site? These ice breaker activities are popular with participants in my meetings, training, and team building sessions. They're also the most popular with readers. Take a look.

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