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2013 About.com Human Resources Readers' Choice Awards

Vote for Your Favorite Human Resources Sites in 7 Categories


About.com's 2013 Readers' Choice Awards highlight the best of the web in topics that include technology, education, parenting, hobbies and crafts, music, books, job searching, and more.

These are the finalists in the 2013 HR Readers' Choice Awards. Voting on your favorites will run from February 19 at 10:00 a.m. through March 19. The winner in each category will be announced on March 27. The winners of the Readers' Choice Awards will have the opportunity to display the coveted About.com Readers' Choice Awards badge on their website.

The Human Resources site seeks votes in seven categories during this initial year. They are:

Best Site to Find HR Jobs

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Do you have a favorite site that you visit when you are searching for jobs in Human Resources? We'd like to provide a resource for readers of the HR site. So, we're looking for sites that offer the widest variety of HR jobs in a range of levels within an organization. Vote on the jobs site where you are most likely to find an HR job.

Best Site for HR Legal Information

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Human Resources staff spend a great deal of time looking for legal information to guide day-to-day actions and policy development and decisions. The legal landscape changes constantly with new laws and regulations and court decisions. Please vote on the site you most rely on for accurate and insightful legal information.

Best Social Media Site for Recruiting Employees

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Over the past couple of years, social media sites have become an integral part of your recruiting toolkit. The value of your employee referrals versus other methods for locating potential employees has also escalated. Social media sites give you the best opportunity to tap into your own network of contacts and the extended networks of your employees. You can find great employees by actively seeking them in social media. What's your best and favorite social media site for recruiting employees?

Best HR Talent Management Software

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The world of talent management software is exploding with new products. Education software, learning management systems, goal and performance management tools, succession management, recruiting, and compensation management are the main areas that talent management software provides for employers? Do you have a favorite?

Favorite Human Resources Blog

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Human Resource blogs range all over the web from recruiting blogs to just starting out in HR blogs, from HR management to HR humor and everywhere in between. There are group blogs, individual blogs, blogs that concentrate on one aspect of HR, and blogs that cover the field. We're looking for the HR blogs that you don't want to miss, that you make a point of visiting, or reading regularly in your RSS feed. These are not the blogs posts that you delete from email when you're busy. These are the ones you actually read. Please vote for your favorite.

Best Site to Find Potential Employees

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On the early web job boards, you could find thousands of jobs from every industry posted. As the years passed, the big job boards still exist but many new sites specialize in particular kinds of employees. Or they specialize in particular industries. Some even consolidate job postings from across the web. We're looking for the best site you've found for locating potential employees. If you could recruit employees at just one location, where do you recommend for best success.

Best Tool to Use for Recruiting Employees

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Have you tried using some of the online tools for recruiting? Whether it's a tool that automatically duplicates your job posting across 100s of job boards or recruiting software that brings you candidates that match your job, recruiting tools are proliferating. We'd like you to share your favorite. Please vote for your best tool that you use for recruiting employees.

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