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Human Resources Management: HR FAQs and Basics and Strategic HR

Human Resources Management presents special challenges for the HR leader in organizations. Effective HRM requires recommended HR tools, specific approaches to management, and access to professional associations, education, and publications. Learn more about all aspects of management specific to Human Resources management.
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Human Resources - Guide to the Site
Looking for information on any aspect of human resources or employee management and development for your organization? Here are the resources you'll need to start, manage and develop your human resources department and all the people aspects of your business. Find personal development information. Find policy samples, human resources systems and...

Human Resources Management: - Basics and FAQ
Need information about human resources including what the field is, sample jobs, career planning, a career outlook, and more? I've answered some of the questions I receive most frequently from readers.

Human Resources Job Prospects and Earnings
Are you interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources? It's a fast-growing field with good job prospects and earnings. Find out more.

The New Roles of the Human Resource Professional
Interested in the new roles that HR professionals will be expected to play in organizations? The transformation of the traditional role and three new roles for HR staff are offered to enhance your thinking about your HR career and direction.

Your Ten Toughest Questions - Asked and Answered
Regular emails from readers ask hundreds of questions each year. Patterns emerge about the toughest situations you face in your organizations. These are the ten toughest, but most frequent questions you send my way. I’ve written a how-to piece to answer each question you’ve asked. These articles address and answer your toughest questions.

Reinventing HR from the Classroom to the Boardroom
We need to reinvent the field of HR in our HR educational programs and in our businesses. HR needs to be more strategic to gain a seat at the “proverbial” table, and we need to be more business-oriented. However, the whole HR community must invest to educate, certify, and mentor HR professionals, or we will never see the industry gain the...

Memorable Firsts in Human Resources Management
Anyone who works in human resources management knows that the job comes with great joys and great sorrows. And all along the way, memorable first moments with people occur. Sometimes you feel prepared for the moments; some sneak up and surprise you. Whether you're new to management, starting a department, or just looking for a refresher,...

How to Respond to a Reference Check
Checking job or employment references is time-consuming and frequently unsatisfactory, as many employers, despite recent legislation, refuse to offer more than dates of employment, salary history and job title. Here is the format I use to check references. Take a look; it provides a format for reference checking that you'll find helpful.

Why Human Resources Leaders Need Degrees
A basic fact about a career in Human Resources is that the need for a degree is increasing every year. Find out why.

Poll: Does an HR Leader Need a Degree?
Poll: does an HR leader need a degree?

Top 5 Predictors and Promises for the Future of Human Resources Books
If you wish to jump start your career in Human Resources, these Human Resources books will tell you where to invest your time and attention. These Human Resources books are recent, on-target, study-based and key for Human Resources career growth. These Human Resources books target trends such as becoming a strategic partner for the business and...

Share Your Dinosaur Practices
Do you have HR policies, practices, procedures, or functions that are out-of-date, have lived their useful life, and may be employee unfriendly? Readers share the dinosaurs that should be extinct.

What Human Resources Staff Would Like to Say to Employees
Human Resources staff, on occasion, have to bite their tongue to keep from saying exactly what is on their mind when dealing with employees. Readers share the things that they'd like to have said to employees - but didn't.

Best Site to Find HR Jobs
Interested in seeing what sites were nominated for your favorite Human Resources related websites for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards. Find readers' best sites to find HR jobs here.

2013 About.com Human Resources Readers' Choice Awards
Nominate and vote for your favorite or most useful Human Resources sites, tools, talent management systems, and bloggers. Take a look at the first annual HR award categories to nominate and vote.

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