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Looking for information about creating happy holidays? Check here for information about gifts for colleagues, managing stress, holiday blues, staying healthy and more. You'll find goals for the new year and success strategies so you can have the best year of your career and life. New content is regularly added, so check back frequently.
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Top Seven Office Party Gaffes
Want to have fun at your office holiday party? You can if you avoid these seven serious mistakes to enhance your professional reputation - not destroy it. Spend your time enjoying coworkers, impressing your boss, and celebrating the team.

Alternatives to a Holiday Office Party
Nixing the blowout office party for the holidays this year? Here are ideas to create the merry, merry in the ho-ho-ho season, without committing a lot of employee time, hard earned cash, or energy. Your employees and their families will appreciate your low key alternatives to an expensive, energy-consuming office party. Here are the ideas you...

How to Reduce Employer Liability at Holiday Parties
Employers face many liabilities when they sponsor employee parties and events, especially when they serve alcohol as part of the celebration. Here's an attorney's view of some of the liabilities and what to do to minimize concerns.

Tips for the Employer about Serving Alcohol at Company Events
Do alcohol and business events mix? Employers must decide whether to serve alcohol at work events. These tips will make alcohol a beverage, and not the focus of the event or party.

To Drink or Not to Drink at Work Events?
Do alcohol and company parties mix? Most employees decide whether to drink at work events. Your decision can enhance your career - or destroy it. Learn more about what to consider when you make your decisions about drinking alcohol at business parties.

Is Your Workplace Elf-Friendly?
Is your workplace elf-friendly? It is if you do all of these things right - not just during the holidays - but every day. Find out what they are.

How to Gift the Boss or a Special Coworker
What do you buy that special boss or coworker when you'd like to give a gift for the holidays? Here are 10 terrific ideas that recognize and show appreciation.

4 Tips for Purchasing Holiday Gifts for Employees
Looking for a way to express your appreciation to employees during the holiday season? Consider an employee gift. Here are four tips for purchasing the right gift that employees will appreciate and find rewarding.

Stress Less for the Holidays
Looking for ways to reduce employee holiday stress and keep employee productivity and morale high? Here are 15 actions you can take to help employees reduce their stress during the holidays. Start by not causing it.

Holiday Stress Hotspots: Manage Stress with Knowledge
Know the main four holiday stress producing hotspots? If you can take care of these causes of holidy stress, you'll create a great holiday. Learn how to manage stress hot spots.

Holiday Job Searching for an HR Job
Did you know that the holidays are a good time for HR job searching? You'll find less competition and easier access to decision makers, for example. Use these tips to amp up your holiday season job search for an HR job.

Create a Very Merry Holiday Season
Interested in thriving this holiday season? These four tips will keep you stress-free, happy, excited and grateful. Find four holiday tips that will help you improve this holiday season.

Holiday Pay Practices: Do You Know What Your Legal Requirements Are?
You need to regularly review your company's holiday pay practices to ensure they're legal and comply with market standards. You'll retain your key employees by providing extra for them during the holidays. Here are answers to common legal questions regarding employer requirements for holiday pay.

Ten Tips to Prevent Vacation Downtime
People normally travel in July, August, November and December, leaving businesses understaffed during holidays. Here's how to optimize your effectiveness during vacation downtime.

Celebrate Annual Holidays for Motivation and Team Building
Celebrating holidays at work is key to promote teamwork and employee engagement and motivation. Here are ideas for your celebrations for each season that will promote team building and positive employee morale and motivation. Why not try some work celebrations?

Reward, Recognition, Award, and Thank You Ideas
Want to give your employees gifts to show your appreciation during the holidays? Here are my top picks.

Top Human Resources Books for Human Resources Professionals
Building a foundation library for you and your Human Resources staff? These book reviews will help you select the core Human Resources, business, and management books critical to your reference collection. Check them out.

Top 10 Ways to Show Appreciation
Looking for ways to show appreciation to your coworkers and employees during the holiday season? Opportunities are unlimited and need not be expensive, time-consuming, or unprofessional. Learn more about extending appreciation.

The Awesome Power of Goal Setting—Ten Tips for Triumph
Heed the advice offered by Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, and Stephen Covey. When you begin your new year with solid direction and desired outcomes in mind, you set yourself up for awesome success. These tips will help you achieve your goals and live your resolutions.

The Top Ten Resolutions for Your Possible New Year
Thinking about what you'd like to come true for the new year? Take a look at these ten recommended resolutions. They'll help you recharge, renew, and revitalize your career and life.

Appreciating Diversity During the Holidays
Have you ever thought about the diverse holiday traditions of the many people world-wide? Diversity means more than sending a holiday card. Find out more about how to learn about and celebrate diverse beliefs during the holidays.

Hold an eBay Secret Santa Bash
Tired of the traditional Secret Santa events in which coworkers draw names and find inexpensive gifts (usually under $25) for the person whose name was drawn? Let's take a look at a current Secret Santa event that many employees enjoy. The Secret Santa event focusess on eBay, a buffet lunch, creativity, and fun.

EBay Secret Santa
Looking for a new twist on the traditional Secret Santa? As a Secret Santa, employees draw the name of a secret pal. Depending on the rules, participants either bring in frequent small gifts or bring in one gift for the secret pal on a selected day. A price limit of $25.00 or so, ensures that gift giving is comparable. Frequently, the Secret...

Celebrate Halloween at Work
Traditions are important in organizations, just as they are in families. Interested in creating an employee-friendly environment at work? Halloween is one of the best holiday occasions to celebrate.

How Do You Celebrate Holidays in Your Workplace?
Many workplaces celebrate annual holidays. Over time, as you celebrate annual holidays in your workplace, you form traditions and give employees fodder for stories about their workplace. These stories and the photos from the annual events help form the company culture, the environment you provide for people at work. Employees like to celebrate holidays in the workplace. If you involve them in cre…

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