1. Money
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Yuppies is the short term for Young Urban Professionals or Young Upwardly Mobile Urban Professionals (as some authors contend) . The term Yuppies refers to people who are generally between the ages of their late twenties to mid-thirties, usually employed in a professional job, often living in an urban setting. Yuppies tend to earn in the upper middle class income range at an early age.

Yuppies tend to be conservative and focus on making money to fuel a life style that is filled with expensive “toys” such as cars, kitchen gadgetry, hobby equipment, the latest electronic anything, and other luxury items. Yuppie, depending upon who uses the term, is viewed as either a positive or a negative term.

People who equate with the demographics and the lifestyle tend to be comfortable with the term. Yuppies are not that happy with other meanings the term, Yuppie, has come to represent: people who purchase items just because they are expensive; people who pay less attention to family life and place more emphasis on “showing off new toys” while entertaining friends, and working more, to the neglect of other priorities, to make even more money.

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