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Resignation Is Notice That You Are Quitting Your Job


A Resignation Is an Opportunity to Leave a Positive Impression

A Resignation Is an Opportunity to Leave a Positive Impression

Martin Novak

When you turn in your resignation, you terminate or end your employment with your current employer. The resignation is your official notice that you are ending your employment relationship. Often submitted verbally, you also need to submit your employment resignation in writing. Your employer will want the official resignation in writing for future reference.

A resignation is an opportunity, when your resignation is straight forward, positive, and professional, to continue to build your image and personal brand as a qualified, well-thought-of employee. Your resignation, submitted in the form of a resignation letter, is a permanent addition to your employment file. As such, the resignation should be brief, professional, and to-the-point.

The resignation needs to include your final date of employment which employment experts recommend should encompass, at a minimum, two weeks' notice. No other content is required in a resignation letter although you may want to politely thank the employer for the opportunities that he or she provided for you.

You may also want to wish your employer success in the future and offer assistance with the transition of your job to a new employee. If you can say so with sincerity, tell the employer that you will miss coworkers and customers.

Never state a negative reason for your resignation. Acceptable reasons for your resignation, that you can comfortably state for posterity, include:

  • you are leaving because your spouse has received an opportunity too good to pass up that is out-of-state,
  • you are resigning to go back to school full time, or
  • you are leaving to pursue a new opportunity.

As the final page in your personnel file, you will never know who reads or reacts to your resignation in the future. Consequently, your resignation should not be open to any interpretation other than that you are resigning from your job.

Your resignation can and should reinforce your positive professional image and cement current employer relationships. Your resignation can keep the door open for future opportunities with your current employer or coworkers from your current job.

With your resignation, you can continue to reinforce your current positive relationships with colleagues and customers – if you are smart. Your resignation is an opportunity, not just an ending.

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Also Known As: resign from job, employment termination, terminating employment, quit job
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