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Promotion Is Often a Reward to an Employee for Work Contributions


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The advancement of an employee from one job position to another job position that has a higher salary range, a higher level job title, and, often, more and higher level job responsibilities, is called a promotion. Sometimes a promotion results in an employee taking on responsibility for managing or overseeing the work of other employees. Decision making authority tends to rise with a promotion as well.

Visually, a promotion moves an employee's job up one level on an organizational chart. The new reporting relationships are displayed as vertical lines to boxes below the new level of the employee following the promotion.

A promotion is viewed as desirable by employees because of the impact a promotion has on pay, authority, responsibility, and the ability to influence broader organizational decision making. A promotion raises the status of the employee who receives a promotion which is a visible sign of esteem from the employer.

A promotion is a form of recognition for employees who make significant and effective work contributions. Consequently, a dilemma arises in organizations since repeated promotions generally place an employee in a management role. Employers are challenged to provide alternative career paths for employees who deserve the benefits and recognition provided by a promotion, but do not aspire to manage the work of other employees.

Individual contributors must be eligible for promotions that recognize and reward their role as contributors. A promotion is a powerful communication tool about what is valued within an organization. Thus, a promotion must be available to employees who play any role in the contribution of work and value.

Examples of a Promotion

These are examples of a promotion:

  • HR Assistant receives a promotion to HR Generalist
  • HR Generalist receives a promotion to a dual role of HR Generalist and Employee Development Coordinator
  • HR Generalist is given a promotion to HR Manager
  • HR Manager is given a promotion to Manager of Human Resources and Administration
  • HR Manager is promoted to HR Director
  • HR Director receives a promotion to HR Vice President
  • HR Vice President becomes Vice President of Global Human Resources or Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Management, and Development

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