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Managing Human Resources

What Is Managing Human Resources?


Managing Human Resources

Managing People Is a Challenging Component of a Manager's Job

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Managing human resources refers to the functions that a manager performs relative to the organization's employees. Managing human resources includes, but is not limited to:


  • planning and allocating resources,
  • providing direction, vision, and goals,
  • developing an environment in which employees choose motivation and contribution,
  • supplying or asking for the metrics that tell people how successfully they are performing,
  • offering opportunities for both formal and informal development,
  • coaching successful contribution and performance development,
  • setting an example in work ethics, treatment of people, and empowerment worthy of being emulated by others,
  • leading organization efforts to listen to and serve customers,
  • managing the performance management system,
  • challenging the employees to maintain momentum, and
  • removing obstacles that impede the employee's progress.

Managing Human Resources Alternate Definition

Managing Human Resources can also refer to the act of providing the management actions listed above for the employees of the Human Resource Department.

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Also Known As: Human Resource Management

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