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Hiring Manager


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The hiring manager is the employee who requested a new position to be filled or an employee to fill an open job. The hiring manager is the employee to whom the new employee will report when hired. The hiring manager is a key member of your employee recruitment team.

As the initiator of a position, or the need for an employee, the hiring manager is the head of the employee selection team. He or she is the employee who works with Human Resources to fill the open position through every step of the organization's hiring process.

Starting with the recruiting planning meeting, the hiring manager participates in every aspect of the employee recruitment. The hiring manager reviews incoming resumes and applications. He or she does the initial phone interview to determine whether the applicants are qualified enough to merit an interview.

The hiring manager participates in first and second interviews. If the potential employee is at your company location for more than these two meetings, the hiring manager greets the candidate on each visit.

The hiring manager also works with Human Resources to determine compensation for the position, generally makes the job offer, and negotiates the details of the new employee accepting and starting the job.

The hiring manager determines the new employee's start date and is responsible to plan the new employee's orientation and onboarding. The hiring manager makes the final decision about the new employee mentor and the employee's job description.

The hiring manager plays the critical role in deciding on the new employee. While the details of this job role may vary from company to company, the hiring manager is always important in the hiring decision. This role is another example of the responsibilities that come with the position title of manager within an organization.

Employees who have the job title of manager have diverse responsibilities for people and functions. In general, because every manager's job is different, a manager has these job responsibilities.

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