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What Is an Entry Level Job?


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An Entry Level Job Is Often Filled by a Young Employee

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An entry level job is a job that allows an individual right out of school to enter the workforce often with little experience or education. These jobs help the employer accomplish needed work that more experienced individuals don’t want to do on a daily basis. These jobs allow the beginning employee to gain experience. The job requirements in an entry level job are designed for an individual who is in the learning stage of his or her career.

Entry level jobs for a person with a high school diploma tend to be hands-on jobs such as store clerk, waitperson, factory worker, and health care assistant. Entry level jobs for persons with a college degree are white collar jobs more frequently. They require that the individual has knowledge in the field, a degree, or the skills honed in college to help them learn on-the-job.

Employers benefit from entry level jobs in each department because they can hire the smartest employees they can find and train them in the skills necessary to advance in their career field and at the company. This process gives employers a steady stream of employees who learn and are ready for promotion to the next level of responsibility.

Another advantage to an entry level job is that the employer can mold the individual as an employee. The employer can encourage the development of skills needed in their company and in their workplace. They can also help the employee develop work habits and ways of interacting that fit the culture of the workplace.

Entry level jobs are a win for employees starting their career or changing their career. They help employers accomplish beginning tasks that must be done but that do not utilize and stretch the skills and experience of more seasoned employees.

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