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Top 10 Human Resources Books for Human Resources Staff


Building a foundation library for you and your Human Resources staff? These book reviews will help you select the core Human Resources, business, and management books critical to your reference collection. Find the information you need fast with these recommended Human Resources, business, and management books. These book reviews will save you research time. Check them out.

1. Business: The Ultimate Resource

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You're not going to cart this book around as an easy-to-access resource. At 2,172 pages, it's a load. But, it's also loaded with information about every aspect of business. A great reference about both HR and non-HR aspects of business with best practices, check lists, and resources available. This book belongs on every manager's book shelf. (Perseus Publishing)
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2. Human Resource Champions: The Next Agenda for Adding Value and ...

Dave Ulrich is one of the forward thinking people writing for Human Resources managers today. He recommends four roles for the Human Resource manager: strategic partner, administrative expert, change agent, and employee champion. He discusses HR competencies as well. This is a must-read book for people reassessing their role in Human Resources.
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3. Delivering Results: A New Mandate for Human Resource Professionals

Leading Human Resource expert, Dave Ulrich edits this grouping of articles from the "Harvard Business Review." Looking for information about what leading thinkers in Human Resources are saying? Start here to listen to such experts as Chris Argyris, C.K. Prahalad, Gary Hamel, and Michael Porter. "Delivering Results" is aimed at helping the HR leader -- deliver results. (John Wiley and Sons)

4. Tomorrow's HR Management: 48 Thought Leaders Call for Change

Interested in a broad range of thinking about the future of Human Resources? Start here. Some of the trends are happening as you read; others are on the way. What are the deliverables in your future? Are your functions outsourced or integral to the organization? This is a not-to-miss book for Human Resources professionals. (Dave Ulrich, Editor: John Wiley and Sons)
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5. The Human Capital Edge: 21 People Management Practices ...

If you've always believed that companies that have excellent Human Resources practices have a positive impact on the bottom line, this book offers the proof you've needed. Studies by Watson Wyatt Worldwide indicate that there are 21 people management practices to do (or avoid) that significantly impact the return to shareholders. This book is a must-read. (Kay and Pfau: McGraw-Hill)
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6. The HR Scorecard

Drawn from an ongoing study of nearly 3,000 firms, Dave Ulrich, Brian Becker, and Mark Huselid outline a seven-step process, called a Human Resources (HR) Scorecard. This process, through measurements, aligns the Human Resource functions with the strategy of your business. I think Ulrich is doing some of the best HR writing available today. (Harvard Business School Press)
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7. The Human Resources Glossary: A Complete Desk Reference for HR

A fundamental reference book for Human Resources terminology, basic information about laws, definitions of various programs and processes, this book is a handy one-stop resource. I've searched for a number of terms in this book and have not been disappointed yet. It belongs on your book shelf. (William R. Tracey: St. Lucie Press)
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8. The ROI of Human Capital: Measuring the Economic Value ...

Measuring and enhancing the economic value of workforce productivity is key for successful organizations moving into the future. If you want to create a greater return on your investments in your human capital, this book is an important read for the Human Resource professional. (Jac Fitz-enz: AMACOM)
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9. Planning and Managing Human Resources

A good overview on managing the Human Resources function. Take a look at the rest of William J. Rothwell's books about training and the future of human resources.
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10. Entrepreneur Magazine: Human Resources for Small Businesses

Just getting started hiring and managing people in your small business? This comprehensive, practical, easy-to-read and understand book will help you get started. Avoid legal problems and manage the people you employ effectively. If you need just one book to get started, this is it. (William Sullivan: John Wiley and Sons)
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