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Salary Requirements


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Salary Requirements Play a Role in Candidate Decision Making About a Job Offer

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Salary requirements are the amount of money that a job searcher has decided that he or she needs to be offered to accept your job offer. They are usually based on the fixed expenses that the candidate has incurred by his lifestyle.

These fixed expenses include items such as the mortgage, car payments, children's school, taxes, utilities, and so forth. Unless a job searcher is desperate for any employment, he will not accept a position that doesn't cover his expenses.

If he does accept your position for less than his realistic salary requirements, you can count on the fact that he will continue job searching - secretly.

This is why employers ask applicants to provide their salary requirements at the time of their job application. The employer knows that pursuing a candidate whose salary requirements are higher than the salary range he plans to pay the employee is a waste of time and energy.

An applicant who fails to answer the prospective employer's question about his salary requirements risks having his not considered. While job candidates believe that the first party to talk numbers is at a disadvantage in a salary negotiation, the employer has legitimate reasons for not wanting to consider candidates they can't afford.

This is another reason why employers go to great lengths to understand and create salary ranges that are competitive in the employment market. They want to attract and retain superior employees and they know that the prospective employee's salary requirements drive employment decisions.

Participating in salary market surveys to create a trustworthy resource for salary research has become critical to understand the salary requirements of qualified applicants for jobs. Currently, salary research is escalating with online resources such as salary calculators making salaries easier to pinpoint and understand.

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